The Locket – An Erotic Story

Blake threw her jacket on the side and kicked off her shoes as she stumbled back in from a long shift at the coffee shop. Taking off her apron she looked at the multiple stains from coffee beans and time spent cleaning and chuckled.

Was the work glamorous? Heck no.

Was it enough for her? Definitely.

There was something wonderfully bohemian about being a barista that spoke to Blake’s creativity. As she observed the many stains that would soon be washed away she traced them with her finger and found patterns, faces, and flowers.

She considered sketching some of them for a time but decided her bed and a cup of hot chocolate was a slightly more appealing prospect. Besides, Miles was due home soon for their annual Valentine’s Day movie marathon and she was, at times, a messy artist.

Washing in the machine and kettle on, Blake sauntered into the bedroom, humming her favorite rock song as she tied up her hair in a rough ponytail.

Had it not been for a slight glint of light that caught her eye she may not have noticed the arrival of something new on her pillow.

What was it?

She glanced over with curiosity and approached, heart rate increasing as a slight sense of thrill pulsed through her body.

A locket.

Small. Elegant. Vintage for sure. The detailing was exquisite. It was as if age had no bearing on its elegance.

It was hard to stop admiring it, but a locket usually contains something even more precious than its exterior, so she did just that, with a careful but considered motion.

Inside the locket contained…a scroll? Simply that and nothing more.

Perplexed more than anything, Blake unraveled the tiny piece of paper to read its contents.

‘Hollywood movies are fun but this year I thought you’d like a chance to get creative. Check underneath the bed. Love, Blake’

Huh, well that was unexpected.

A huge grin crossed Blake’s face as she hoped she was on the same wavelength as her rarely-spontaneous lover.

Diving under the bed she found a box wrapped in suitably saccharine Valentine’s paper and topped off with a ribbon.

Pulling it out, it wasn’t long before she tore into it and found just what she had hoped for—a video camera.

Accompanying it was another note:

‘My beautiful artist. Be your own muse and the star of your own show. Look in our bedside drawer and enjoy your body. If you share it with me I will be honored. If not, I’ll always have my imagination. Love, Blake’

He knew her too well. Better than perhaps even she did.

Blake had been toying for years with performative arts, film, and photography but something had always held her back. She justified it in her mind by saying she couldn’t afford a camera, but now the camera was there and nothing was stopping her.

Wasting no time Blake leapt up and began to pull her favorite paintings off the walls; the ones she had done of erotic nudes and moments of desire; those inspired by her own encounters or by those passionately recounted by Miles in his drunken moments of playful confession.

She placed them all on her bedside wall and used them to frame her body as she tentatively set up the camera and stripped down to her underwear.

She pulled out the bedside drawer and, without even looking, emptied it of the goodies that awaited her. Scattered on the bed was flavored lubricant, a brand new clitoral vibrator, and a beautiful new white dildo—smooth, slender and with a black lower handle section encircled with a brilliant red ring—it was the most intriguing item of all.

After taking some time to learn how each of the toy’s worked and getting her new selection laid out Blake leaned over to the camera and turned it on.

As soon as that ‘record’ light blinked on it was like Miles was there watching her and her body immediately began to pulse with sensation. It was like the first time he had laid eyes on her and she felt a rush of lust and desire—desire for him but desire for her own sexuality too.

However, unlike their first meeting, she was alone in her room now, and could realize her impulses in any way she wished.

She started softly—leaning back from the camera in as seductive a manner as she could, making sure her cleavage stayed perk and central as she arched back and sat herself down.

Smiling coyly at the camera, she picked up the bottle of flavored lubricant and lifted it above her body. One more glance at the camera and then she arched her back, allowing her chest to expand outwards and she began to squeeze the bottle.

Kiiroo Pearl2

The contents were cool and runny, but not watery enough that there wasn’t an elegant delay to the flow. As it poured down her breasts Blake let out a moan of approval. Her body was her canvas now and she planned to enjoy it.

Liberating herself from her bra, Blake took up her hands and cupped her breasts firmly, feeling the flavored fluid slide between then and begin to spread onto her hand. The smell was almost as sweet as Miles’ Valentine’s wrapping and just as tempting. Running one hand across the centre of her chest, Blake began to slide it and her sweet new fluids down to her vulva and firmly clasped her labia.

Her panties were still on, obscuring the main event, but she knew Miles would be able to see the fabric getting increasingly damp as she did to. With one hand still squeezing her breast she closed her eyes and took the other to swirl around her clitoris, gaining in vigor until eventually she fell back into her pillows in delight.

Chuckling she looked to the camera and winked. Releasing her hand from her underwear she moved it up to her lips and began to suck on her fingers, sampling the mixture of the fruity lubricant and her own free flowing juices. Both were equally delicious to her.

Laughing a little more she looked up at her erotic framing before staring back at the camera and maintaining eye contact. She took her hands to the edges of her lacy panties and began to slip them off, making sure their damp centre was fully visible as she slid them fully off.

Next was the toys.

She took both of them and made sure to take her time as she lubricated them up. Her fingers rimmed around the brilliant white dildo as she realized the full potential of the items she was given.

Taking the time to grin at the camera she took the time to extend out her tongue and lap up the lubricant from the tip of the white offering as she turned on the clit vibe and began to stroke it against her exposed clit.

Her legs spread and twitched gently as the strength of the clitoral vibrator made full contact with her clit. It was pinpoint. Precise and deep. She wanted more. She was barely thinking. Instincts and sensation took over.

Letting out deep, trance-like moans she began to shove the white dildo deeper into her mouth, wrapping and swiping her tongue around it vigorously as she pressed the clitoral vibrator closer to her body and began thrusting into its hardened exterior.

The vibrations were intense. All-consuming like a fire crackling over birch wood.

Her back lifted as her body arched with delight. Aching for it, she took the white dildo and plunged it deep into her body. The G-Spot curve was just right and its bulge invited more motion. Turning its vibrations on she let out a scream as she began to judder with delight. She wasn’t sure if her motions were artistically primal or raw and unrefined but either way, she was going to fuck herself to climax.

When the moment came, there was nothing but her, the sensations, and her gushing vulva on full display for the camera to see.

Panting deeply Blake placed the new dildo down on the side and turned off the camera.

A groggy grin on her face, Blake glanced over at the wet patch at on the floor she had made as she determined that Miles would definitely be watching her movie debut.

But what’s that on the floor?

In her haste dropping out the toys she had neglected to see a little card that had fallen to one side. She leaned over, picked it up, and read the text on its surface:

The Kiiroo Pearl2


She had heard about Kiiroo and the Pearl2 and knew just what they were capable of.

In that moment she couldn’t help but hold the card to her chest and giggle with glee. Her first show may have been recorded, but future screenings might just be a live event.

Written by:

Dr. Emmeline Peaches
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