The Garden Party – An Erotic Story

My niece gave a midsummer graduation party. This was a few years ago when I was in my late twenties. I had arranged that the party could be held in my neighbor’s garden, which was huge. We organized a massive barbecue, there was a DJ and there were tents in the garden, where the revelers could… sleep.

It was a party for the young’uns (most of them were eighteen) and I felt slightly out of place. Someone needed to keep an eye on matters, though, and that someone was me. It’s funny how you can feel such a generation gap while only being ten years older; the music was strange – if not unfamiliar than at least not massively appealing to me – and so were many conversation topics. But it was a beautiful evening and the barbecue provided ample diversion. Plus, they were a lively bunch and as the evening progressed and the copious beverages being enjoyed resulted in increased inebriation, the atmosphere became quite exalted. Distributing the meat from the barbecue I couldn’t suppress a number of lewd remarks concerning juicy sausages and sauce. These jokes caused some of the girls to laugh with conspicuous enthusiasm, the quality of the jokes not being such as to deserve such relish.

But I wasn’t going to… no way. That wouldn’t be right.

There was also one girl who did not seem to enjoy the occasion nearly as much as the others: a tiny girl, awkwardly dressed in an ill-fitting puce colored jumpsuit, with a round pale face which was half hidden behind enormous, bulbous spectacles. She kept to herself most of the time and when she did interact with someone it seemed that the other person was trying to terminate their conversation as soon as possible. I asked my niece what was up with this girl. My niece answered that she was an extremely shy girl who had hardly ever talked to anyone at school. Nobody really liked her.

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Her name doesn’t help either, my niece added.

What’s her name? I asked.

Trixie Lixivium

My god, her parents must be insane! I remarked.

I instantly felt extremely sorry for the wretched creature and decided I was going to try to cheer her up. So I walked over to her and tried to make conversation. Which was indeed hard work. After a few minutes, I became so bored of Trixie that I made my retreat. Some of the young girls were all over me, and although I was still determined not to yield to their advances, I did enjoy the flirting and flattery. But Trixie Lixivium had joined their ranks and seemed determined to linger in my vicinity – even if it did not yield her much more social interaction.

Ah well, poor thing, who can blame her? I said to myself.

When night fell the company dispersed into small groups. After a while, most revelers could be found in, or around the tents. I made my way from group to group… feeling more and more like an outsider again. While I was zigzagging thus between tents I was suddenly held by the petite bespectacled girl.

I want to ask you something, she stammered, but I feel a bit awkward about it.

Don’t be shy, just tell me, Trixie.

She suddenly looked up at me and said:

I’m tired and want to go to sleep… but…

She bit her lower lip.


Could you help me?

With what?

Well, first of all, I haven’t found a tent where I can sleep. They all seem occupied.

No problem Trixie, I know a tent which is still free. I’ll take you there.

There’s another problem, Trixie whispered.

Which is?

I’m afraid to sleep alone in a tent with all these drunk boys around.

Ah, yes, that’s… understandable. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure everyone’s safe.

You can’t be everywhere all at once, alert all night, she spoke softly. Maybe…


Maybe you can sleep in the same tent.

Well, yes, I guess I could…

It was a request I could not deny. And so I retreated in a tent with Trixie, although I was quite keen to continue partying. Or to at least continue drinking. I also wasn’t tired enough yet.

I talked to Trixie for a while – it was a strange conversation because she was intent on discussing chemistry (she mentioned the word ‘transmutation’ a number of times) and obscure ancient myths. Then she suddenly dozed off.

She turned on her side, away from me, with her blanket tucked between her arms, as a result of which her backside became exposed. She had taken off her jumpsuit (I hadn’t even noticed that) and was now only wearing a bra and knickers. I could clearly see all this because there was plenty of light in the vicinity of our tent. And thus I could distinctly behold her ass… which was stunning. How could I not have spotted such a perfectly curved behind? The jumpsuit had spoiled it of course… but now here it lay exposed, this glorious triumph of Mother Nature’s capabilities. I was already aroused by the attention I had received all evening from all the girls… and now this. I heaved. My chest felt heavy as if I was being smothered. I had to open my pants because my cock no longer fitted in its confined space.

Meanwhile, Trixie made light snoring noises which sounded almost like soft sex exhalations. I couldn’t control myself anymore and began to stroke her divine ass with my right hand, while I held my cock in my left hand. I listened carefully to her snoring to make sure she was still asleep. The snoring became even less like snoring and more like…


I suddenly heard her whisper.

Terror gripped my heart as I jolted back.

Don’t be afraid… I want you to continue. I wasn’t sleeping, Basilio… I want you inside of me. Take me. I’m ready for you.

Ah, she had tricked me. Rarely have I been more grateful for being deceived.

Written By

Basilio Valentino

Guest Blogger

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