The 8 Best Things About Interactive Butt Plugs

The 8 Best Things About Interactive Butt Plugs

If you’re new to the butt-plug world, it can sound daunting to try it out. I mean, it goes in your butt—and for many people, the butt is a no-go zone. But that’s just because they either haven’t tried it before or have had some bad butt experiences. Either way, when you know how to use a butt plug the right way, it’s a whole new world.

If you’re curious about interactive butt plugs, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about the 8 best things interactive butt plugs bring into your sex life.

1. You can play chess

If you’re not sure you want to use an interactive butt plug, you can use it during your chess match. You didn’t hear? There was a recent chess scandal involving a chess player who allegedly cheated his way to the top using an anal sex toywe’re not even joking. While cheating isn't fair, play an innocent game of chess with the Lumen.

Using the FeelConnect app, you or your partner can explore all the varying sensations using the Lumen's different vibration modes. You can set the rules to your liking. Define which different sensations and patterns mean while playing.

For example, a specific vibration intensity could mean to move your pawn, and another would mean to pick another piece or take down a piece. You can do this for fun with another couple as well, making it a tag team experience.

2. You can experience different sensations

Using a butt plug feels different compared to a vibrator. Your anus is home to thousands of sensitive nerve endings, so you’ll feel sensations you’ve never felt before. Let’s just say, it’ll open your mind to the world of anal play.

3. Your partner can join in on the fun

Oh, butt plugs aren’t for only your enjoyment. Your partner can also have fun. With the Lumen interactive butt plug, your partner can connect their interactive toy via the FeelConnect app for dual stimulation. You can both have a stimulating night, if you know what I mean.

The best interactive butt plug

4. Have an orgasm!

Orgasms aren’t only vaginal or clitoral; they’re also anal. Anyone can enjoy more than one type of orgasm (thankfully!). Women are capable of experiencing different orgasms, including anal orgasms. In some cases, women have reported experiencing stronger orgasms from anal penetration.

5. Anyone can use it

Here’s the thing, butt plugs aren’t women or men-only sex toys. They’re inclusive and can be used by anyone. Everyone has a butt, right? So, anyone can use a butt plug. When done properly, the sensations both men and women feel are stimulating and intense (exactly what you want).

Just remember, if you are going to share your butt plug with your partner, it’s important to sanitize your sex toys with a toy cleaner. The last thing you want is an infection or STIso remember, a clean toy means a happy butt!

6. They’re a warm up to anal sex

If you want to try anal sex, using an interactive butt plug is a good stepping stone. You can use it with a partner or solo, so you can warm yourself up to anal sex on your own terms and do what’s comfortable for you. They can also be left in place during vaginal penetration as well, so you can play around with how you want to use your butt plug.

7. You can use them solo

The beautiful thing about interactive butt plugs is that they don’t need another person’s hand. If you want to use them with your partner, cool. If you want to use your butt plug during solo play, that’s also cool.

Interactive butt plugs mean you can control them yourself (all you need is the FeelConnect app). With our interactive butt plug, you can control the vibrations, sync the vibrations with music and let your inner sex God/Goddess shine.

8. Butt plugs can help you bond during partner play

Butt play, contrary to popular belief, is very intimate. Why? Because it requires a level of communication and vulnerability. Experiment with your partner and have them insert the butt plug slowly inside you, letting you become comfortable with the sensations.

We recommend warming up the anus before using an interactive butt plug. You can warm the area up via massage, finger, or tongue (though always make sure you use a good lubricant).

We’ve told you our 8 favorite things about using an interactive butt plug, now it’s time to take that step forward and give it a try. Whether it’s playing a game like chess, with your partner or during solo play, butt plugs can expand your sexual appetite and teach you more about your body’s sexual need and desires.


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