The Best Sex Positions For Your G-Spot

Positions For Your G-Spot

If you are anything like me, then the G-Spot plays a major role in your orgasm. It can easily be reached with specific toys and with fingers, but it can be a bit difficult to target during PIV (penis in vagina) sex. For most people, missionary-style intercourse just won’t hit their G-Spot. Never to fear, as there are plenty of positions that will keep your G-Spot singing!

For those wondering, the G-Spot is a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina. It is about 2 inches inside and can often be reached by curling your finger towards your belly button. It is a ridged erogenous zone that is often (but not always) responsible for orgasms and squirting.

Please note that these positions can be tested with a penis, with a strap-on or with a toy.

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1. Cowgirl

Cowgirl is just a different way of saying “on top”. Although this is not a groundbreaking position, there is a lot going for it. Being on top means that you are in control. You can control the depth of penetration, as well as the angle if you lean forward or backward or even to the side.

You can control the friction and angle against your G-Spot. If you need clitoral stimulation as well, this is the perfect angle for your partner to get busy with their hands.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

Very similar to the Cowgirl, you simply just have to turn around. Bonus points if you can change directions while remaining on top (that takes skills). Reverse Cowgirl has all the same benefits of Cowgirl with the ability to control movements.

However, if your partner’s penis or toy has a curve to it, then the sensation will be completely different if you face the other direction. You’re essentially flipping it upside down, which can hit all sorts of pleasure points you didn’t think were possible.

3. Missionary With Support

The Missionary position on its own is not ideal for G-Spot stimulation. There is a simple way to change this sad fact. You can simply add a support cushion or pillow underneath your hips. This will raise your hips and angle your vagina upward to allow for a more G-Spot targeted stimulation.

What is fun about this addition is that you can use as many or as few pillows as you need. There are also wedges available to purchase from companies to help with positioning. Simply raising your hips can make all the difference.

4. The Anvil or Legs-Over-Shoulders

Similar to the Missionary Position, you lie on your back during penetration except your legs are over your partner’s shoulders. This does require some flexibility but can give you good motivation to do your stretches at the gym. Raising your legs will also help raise your hips (see number 3) and allow for deeper penetration.

Resting your legs on your partner’s shoulders can help support you in lifting your body. Feel free to cross your legs while keeping them elevated, which can increase the intensity by increasing friction. It also looks super sexy to watch in a mirror.

5. Doggy Style

The ever-popular G-Spot position: doggy style. This is when you get on your knees with your partner penetrating you from behind. Doggy style allows for the deepest penetration, as well as almost guaranteed to rub against your G Spot. If you’re having difficulty staying upright on your knees, then grab a few pillows and support your stomach/hips with them.

Your partner won’t care – they’ll be too busy enjoying the depth and the sound of your moans from hitting the right spots. Feel free to stay on your knees or slowly lie down flat with your partner still inside of you. If you do choose to lie down, raising your butt will help get the right angle.

6. On The Edge

If you have a tall bed or suitable kitchen counters or a sturdy table, then an easy position to keep you at an elevated height is to sit on the edge of the bed/counter/table while your partner stands and penetrates you. By lying back or sitting upright (or anything in between) you can control the angle of penetration.

The closer to the edge, the deeper your partner can go. Your partner can hold up your legs, or if you prepare in advance, you can get yourself a little table or chair to rest your legs. If you’re in for a workout at the same time, keep your legs raised on your own and it will definitely help define your abs – talk about a bonus.

7. Anal Sex

You might be surprised to hear that you can have G-Spot stimulation from anal sex. You might be thinking that they are located in two different body parts – and you’re not wrong. However, because of the close proximity of the vaginal cavity and anal cavity, as well as the angle created by anal sex, you can stimulate your G-Spot.

It is indirect stimulation of your G Spot, but it can do the trick. In fact, this phenomenon is credited for a lot of anal sex orgasms. Not to mention the possibility of clitoral stimulation at the same time.