10 of the Best Interactive sex games

Interactive sex games worth trying out

There’s nothing wrong with watching porn, but naturally, there are some days where you need more. The good thing is the porn industry knows this, so they’ve stepped up their game by providing viewers with interactive sex games. Why watch when you can join in the fun? That said, with so many sex games out there, what ones are worth your time? Good thing you came here because we have the 10 best interactive sex games for you to enjoy.

1. Chick Empire

Chick empire game

Chick Empire, created by the developer of Chick Wars, turned this strategy-based game into a kinky one! Players get to plan and build their very own porn empire of sex shops, webcams, strip clubs, and more. But be careful; this is one addicting game. The high-quality porn videos will have you captivated from the moment you start playing.

2 .Vixen VR

vixen vr game

If you have a Virtual Reality headset, then you’re all ready to play Vixen VR. With your VR headset, you’ll be able to fully immerse in the ultimate form of escapism: interactive sex games.

There are tons of striptease and solo masturbation scenes for you to engage in. While there’s no hardcore sex, if you’re looking for steamy softcore sex, then this is where you need to be.

3. Sexy Airlines

sexy airlines interactive sex game

If there’s one fantasy most people have, it’s having sex with a hot flight attendant. If this is on your fantasy list, make it happen by playing ‘Sexy Airlines.’ Players get to start their own airline, hire the flight attendants, and send naughty messages via company messenger. Are you charming enough to join the mile-high club with one of the attendants? It’s time you find out.

4. Wasteland 3D

wasteland interactive xxx game

If you’ve had a taste of BDSM or want to explore it, Wasteland 3D is a great way to experience bondage, chains, paddles, and sex toys in ways you’ve never imagined.

The best part is there’s no clean-up afterward! Wasteland 3D lets you immerse yourself in a kinky virtual reality experience, where you control everything you see.

5. House Party

house party a sex game

If you’re looking for something more visual, House Party is a great interactive sex game. When this game first came out in 2017, it didn’t receive much praise. However, in 2021, House Party stepped up to the plate, becoming one of the most popular sex games on the market. And don't confuse it for the app.

This 3d sex game is a choice-based game where the choices you make determines the outcome. There are tons of sex scenes, including a jacuzzi oneyou’re gonna love it. The storyline starts with you attending a party and from there, you begin to build your own story.

6. SexEmulator

sexemulator logo

While SexEmulator doesn’t feature an open world, it does allow for heavy customization for a full and dynamic experience. The goal of this game is to create and train your sex partner the way you wish.

Once you’ve built your character, you need to increase her skill level via commands for sexual favors. In this roleplaying game, the sky is truly the limit. The more sexual favors she performs, the better her skills become.

7. Being a DIK

bring a dik sex game

When it comes to graphics, Being a DIK certainly ranks as one of the best out there. The animation is so well done, you need to play the game to really see what we mean.

This adult visual novel focuses on all the fun parts of college life. In other words, there’s no studying included. The storyline is about a young guy who goes to college and you get to encounter MILFS, and other smoking hot characters.

8. 3D Kink

3d kinky game

The beauty of interactive sex games is that they vary in sexual desires. 3D Kink is one of the best 3D sex games for those who want to explore extreme sex and fetish sex.

When it comes to sex stimulation, you certainly won’t be bored. You get to choose whatever type of BDSM session you’d like to experiencebondage, slavery, threesomes with strapons. If you were wondering what some of the best 3D sex games are, well, this is one of them.

9. Nutaku

nutaku logo

While we’ve included specific sex games on this list, Nutaku isn’t a sex game per se. Nutaku is actually a hub page. While browsing through, there are endless hentai sex games for you to indulge in. They have games such as Booty Calls, Project QT, and one of their most recent games Brazzers the Game.

What we love about Nutaku is that their games are challenging yet stimulating. We really couldn’t pick just one Nutaku VR game eitherthey’re all interactive adult sex games that will get you off.

10. Narcos XXX

Narcos xxx game

We’ve all seen the show Narcos, at least most of us have, and we know there’s a small part of us that wish we had Pablo Escobar’s power. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a kingpin, well, then Narcos XXX is the game for you.

In this game, the storyline follows Escobar’s success as he swims in money and pussyyou get the virtual experience. In the sex game, you get to build your empire, annihilating anyone who crosses you. While gaining fame and fortune, you keep your selection of hot girls for your daily dose of sex stimulation.

Now that you have a list of the top 10 interactive sex games, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab your Kiiroo Titan stroker and immerse yourself into some of the best interactive sex games on the market.

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