5 of The Best Female Friendly Adult Websites

The Best Female Friendly Adult Websites

In the world of adult entertainment, new websites are popping up every day. But let’s not kid ourselves, they usually all have the same content. As a woman, you’re not looking for male-focused porn; you want porn sites catered to you.

If you’re looking for female-friendly adult websites that focus on porn for women as well as different points of view, then check out these 5 female-friendly adult websites.


In 2013, Erika Lust, an erotic indie filmmaker, decided to create a project where people would openly share their sexual fantasies. This project eventually transformed into XConfessions, which is an adult website that releases short pornographic films based on people’s real experiences.

XConfessions never tells the same story twice; instead, they focus on telling the stories of people’s real sexual desires - and we all know there’s an endless supply of that.

It’s a paid website, and well worth every dollar. With their subscription, you get access to their films and confessions. You can also find the videos on Erika’s other site, Lust Cinema.


I don’t know about you, but I miss Tumblr. I really miss it. Back in the day, Tumblr was the place to find some of the best erotic porn. And now, it no longer exists.

So what’s the replacement?

We can’t live in a world without Tumblr-inspired porn! Well, Lady Cheeky is paying its respects to Tumblr by offering users GIFs and clips of erotic scenes and art.

Founder Elle Chase made sure the site gives you an endless supply of bite-sized erotic moments. Trust me, it’ll have you aroused in no time. The best part, if you’re not able to afford a paid membership, Lady Cheeky is free when you sign up.


Finding female-friendly porn online isn’t an easy task, especially when the porn industry is dominated by male-driven porn. While Anna Richards searched for porn online one day, she realized there wasn’t much available that matched her needs.

So, this is when she created Frolic Me, a female-friendly porn website where she produces and creates the content. She uploads her content on a weekly basis, where members are able to view the content whenever they’d like.

But, you don’t need to buy a yearly subscription. Richards offers her members the option of either a weekly subscription or a yearly subscription, so you can decide.

interactive clit simulator cliona by kiiroo


Well, you can tell by the website’s name exactly what they provide viewers. Kink is definitely for people who are looking for hard-core videos. Of course, they do a great job of categorizing everything, so you can easily pick your niche.

If you’re entering the kink world for the first time, Kink will definitely shock and surprise you. Yeah, if you thought a light spanking session was kinky, then just wait until you see what’s on Kink.

Just as a little preview, they have sex toys like clit clamps and anal inserts. Oh, so kinky! However, even though they offer hard-core kinky content, they make sure it’s present in a “respectful and positive” way.

They want to teach and engage people in BDSM, not scare them away. If you want to be apart of Kink, you will need a membership - I’d subscribe.


That’s right; keep the volume down! I’m trying to watch something naughty here! Sssh.com is an intelligent, and sexy site if you’re looking for ethically produced and sex-positive content.

Sssh.com focuses on creating provocative storylines that push the boundaries in the adult world. The site does offer viewers a free preview, but for unlocked content of erotic photos and steamy stories, you need a membership. If you’re looking for originality and feminist porn, Sssh.com will not let you down.

If you’re looking for female-friendly adult websites, we just gave you some of the best content you could ask for. Now, all you need is to go watch porn and enjoy it. What are you waiting for?


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