Thanatos - The Sci-Fi RPG for Adults

September 25, 2019

Tayo Cousins and Raynor Arkenbout enjoying a Game of Thanatos, the Adult RPG

Thanatos is a Tabletop role-playing game, set in a dark distant future.
Humans, Clones, Cybernetics, and Cyborgs endure a violent struggle for survival.

As an adult role-playing game, Thanatos does not shun away from adult themes such as sex, sexuality, sex tech, love, relationships, abuse, and oppression.

Themes of repression, inequality, sexism, and hopelessness give Thanatos the backdrop it needs for us to address valuable ethical and moral dilemmas, the world is coping with today.

To make these important topics palatable, we decided to create a light, fun and creative RPG game show, where the contestants are confronted with all kinds of dubious situations that evoke debate.

We invited stand up comedians and entertainers to play with us, causing hilarious interplayer interactions. 

Thanatos' first season is a public beta test. We are constantly optimizing the rules, mechanics, set and production quality. 
We are trying to find the optimal format for the rules not to get in the way of the collaborative narrative. The story drives the adventure.

If you have feedback on the rules, you are welcome to share them below our videos. We love to learn and we want to find out what you think!
Find out more about why we produce Thanatos here.

Check out the first 3 Episodes here!

Fresh episodes of Thanatos are published every other Tuesday. The first 3 episodes of Season 1 are online now! Season 1 will have 7 episodes to function as a public beta test.
Each episode is a "one shot adventure", that means that every episode has its own story, characters and participants. January 2020 Season 2 will hit youtube.
Season 2 will be a campaign that spans several episodes. But let's not get ahead of our selves.

Meet Assessor / Game Master Steven Cook in the shows below.
See how he stewards parties of insane characters through the bleek world of Thanatos and the equally grim Crater City of Tachion.

Thanatos S01E01 - The Act of Mating

In this Episode DJ Amina Zena, and comedians Matty Shaw, and Doug Carter are faced with the disappearance of a young couple.
Their families fear they have been abducted by a cult of Clones that are known to abuse humans for their sexualized rituals. Assessor Steven "The Engine" Cook, paints the slums in a vivid grim fashion. Follow the party as they set out to recover the missing lovers.

Thanatos S01E02 - The Libido Races

Episode 2 of Thanatos' first season features Rapper Heist Rockah, together with Stand up Comedians Ben Hart, and Kevin Berry. Watch as they breathe life into these Cybernetic beings that want to be able to feel what it's like to make love. In order to obtain the tech needed for them to experience the sense of touch, they first need to win a bloodsport known as the Libido Races. The filthy rich upper-rim elites make the poor trash their slums in disastrous demolition races to obtain tech and supplies otherwise out of reach for their socio-economic class.

Thanatos S01E03 - The Benefit

The disgustingly rich upper-rim elites throw galas and benefits to soothe their conscience. The non-profits who benefit from their "benevolence" only suit the agendas of the elite of course. Lustkraft is a corporation known for its cloning of sex slaves. Lustkraft denies these clone's sentience. The current banquet of debauchery they are hosting offers a wonderful way in for the resistance. Watch how Actor Raynor Arkenbout, accompanied by Stand up Comedian Tayo Cousins, and Magician James Livingstone try to infiltrate Lustkraft's headquarters to obtain shipping data on as many a sex slave possible.

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Future episodes will be published on:

October 1st 2019
October 15th 2019
October 29th 2019
November 12th 2019

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