Tantra and Kiiroo: Tantric Tech Tips for LDRs

Combining tantra and tech may seem like a daunting prospect. But, before we go any further, let's recap some of the core principles of Tantra.

Tantra is about enjoying the experiences of intimacy without getting hung up on the end goal of climax. It encourages you to honor each other and cherish each moment that you have together. At its core tantra is about making a connection.

Sound familiar?

You may not realize it but if you’re in a long distance relationship (LDR) then you’ve probably got a lot of the theory behind tantra down. All you really need to do is put it into practice.

Thankfully, Kiiroo has taken great strides in facilitating intimacy that transcends distance. Incorporating tantra into that is easier than you’d think.


Traditional tantra can include hours of intense intimacy for some. However, with Kiiroo’s devices, you are looking at about an hour of user time. This may seem like a hindrance but it can work to your advantage.

Knowing that your face time session will be a tantric one means that preparation becomes very important; in a way, it actually becomes part of the tantric session.

Take the time to create an ‘intimacy space’ before you connect. Interconnect your spaces as much as possible. Purchase the same candles or incense. Play the same music. The more things you can synchronize the easier it will become for you and your partner you synchronize.

During the preparation stage, feel free to text your partner and tell them how you’re feeling. Sharing your excitement (or vulnerabilities) will bring you closer together and make sure that you’re both in the right mindset for what comes next.

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Inflame the Senses

With everything ready, you and your partner should be ready to hop on to the Kiiroo platform at the agreed time. The atmosphere that you’ve set should already be a great primer for becoming tantric, now it’s time to engage with your partner.

As tantra encourages enjoying intimacy more than striving for orgasm your main focus should be on making a deep connection rather than grabbing your Onyx or Pearl straight away. Take the time to look into each other’s eyes. Delight in your partner’s gaze. Feel how close it makes you. This may seem silly at first but with time you should lose each other in your eyes.

Kiiroo’s platform is a great aid for this type of deep and loving gaze. Its beautiful glass interface allows you to relax and feel closer to each other. The color tone also allows a sense of serene togetherness. Try to synchronize, each other’s breathing but don’t get too hung up on it at first. Sharing an experience is what matters, the rest will flow naturally as you immerse yourselves in the moment.

Once you’ve got the eye contact down it’s time to begin exploring each other’s bodies.

Gently narrate where you would like your partner to touch themselves in a calm and loving tone. If it’s your turn to touch yourself try your best not to break eye-contact. Slowly move your hand to stroke your body and enjoy the sensations. Remember that your partner has chosen this sensation for you and revel in it.

If you want to be a bit more playful then Kiiroo’s drawing feature adds a whole new level to tantric exploration. Use your mouse to swirl a shape on to the screen and have your partner slowly replicate the shape on a body part of your choice. This is both intuitive and great fun.

Expanding the Tech

After spending time enticing each other on the platform it’s time to bring in your devices.

Kiiroo’s devices already offer themselves so much to interconnectivity that using them for long-distance tantra should feel like second nature in no time.

Start with slow, rhythmic motions as you continue to concentrate on your breathing and eye contact. Take the time to embrace the sensations provided and appreciate the shared experience that you and your partner are composing. This can get very intense very quickly. If that’s the case, then your gut might tell you to pull out of the situation but you should try and maintain it for as long as possible. Try to find harmony in each other’s motions.

From there it is up to you whether you want to speed things up come the end of the session or slow them down and ground yourselves with more touching. Tantra encourages you to prolong climax but it is also important that both partners feel content with the connection made. Ultimately you’ll know what is right for you.

Are you Game?

Tantra is a great tool for connecting with your partner and, thanks to Kiiroo, it’s now possible to explore many facets of each other’s touch. So what are you waiting for? Add a little tantra to your tech today, you may be surprised with the results.

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