Shhh! Discreet, Wearable Sex Toys

Shhh! Discreet, Wearable Sex Toys

Have you ever thought about enjoying a little something secret, while no around you had a clue?

The idea of enjoying a sex toy discreetly while in public is a big turn on for a lot of women. Panty vibe styles have been popular for a long time, but only recently have they really made great strides.

Many kegel exercisers now offer pleasurable vibrations or other movements to encourage not only muscle building but also arousal. Now, when it comes to discreet, wearable pleasure like the Esca2, you have options. So if you’ve been dreading the annual company Christmas party, we have some ideas on how you can spice things up.

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1. OhMiBod BlueMotion

This is such a cool design! BlueMotion consists of both a wearable vibrator that slips into a pair of panties and an app for Android and iPhone. You or your partner can control the vibe from anywhere, be it across the table during family Christmas dinner, or across the country.

2. Lelo Luna Beads or Luna Beads Mini

Personally, I’m very fond of Luna Beads for a gradual build-up of arousal. They’re probably the most discreet of the bunch because they don’t vibrate. Instead, they’re kegel exercise balls made of body-safe plastic and silicone. Inside each ball is a smaller, weighted ball.

The movements of the smaller ball within the bigger ball is what causes stimulation and encourages your pelvic floor muscles to squeeze. In short, these are really fun to wear in preparation for a night of passion. They get your blood flowing, and it’s always fun to have a sexy secret.

3. WeVibe 4 Plus

In some ways, WeVibe 4 Plus is similar to OhMiBod BlueMotion. It’s wearable, it’s remotely controlled by an app. But where they really differ is in shape. The WeVibe 4 Plus has two little arms, one of which is meant to sit inside the vagina against the G-spot, and the other to sit outside against the vulva and clitoris. So with the 4 Plus, you get duo-stimulation.

4. Jopen Stella I or II Kegel Balls

While I don’t love my Stella III balls as much as I love my Luna Beads Mini, they’re well-designed and made almost entirely of body-safe silicone. They’re also a bit less expensive, clocking in at $10 to $20 less than the Lelo sets.

5. OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH

Club Vibe 2.OH is the same shape as BlueMotion and still fits perfectly into a pair of panties. It comes with a physical remote that’s effective from up to 15-20 feet away. This would be perfect for anyone who will physically be with their lover over the holiday or can control the vibe themselves.

Additionally, it has the capacity to vibrate according to external sounds. Headed to a movie? Hang the keychain-like remote from your purse, and no one will be the wiser.

6. Lelo Lila 2

Lila 2 is a simple design executed very, very well. It comes in two parts: The vibrator, which is a body-friendly teardrop shape with a loop for easy retrieval; and its remote, which is also capable of vibration. Lila can be safely inserted and controlled via remote from up to 39 feet away. The only downside is that the remote is not as discrete as a phone app would be.

    So, what do you think? Will you be having any secret fun at holiday functions this year?