Sexiest K Pop Artists of 2023

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, some k pop stars that make it on everyone’s hot list. Don’t believe us? Check out our list of the 20 sexiest K pop male and female artists of 2023.

1. BTS

Even if you don’t know what is K pop, you know who BTS is. They’re one of the most ultra-successful South Korean k pop groups - reaching the hearts of ladies and gents all over the world. We don’t need to explain it to you; the pictures speak for themselves.

2. Nayeon

All the ladies of TWICE are sexy, but we have our eyes on Nayeon. She’s the perfect mix of naughty and nice. The lead vocalist of TWICE decided to spread her wings and go solo. But we know you weren’t wondering about that. Sorry to break it to you, but she’s off the market and married to Jeongyeon.

3. Blackpink

Blackpink is one K pop band that isn’t messing around. You can see it for yourselves. Their looks are fierce, and they’re oozing sexiness - not a bad combination if you ask us. In our opinion, this is one of the hottest female k pop bands out there.

4. Kwon Eun-bi

Kwon Eun-bi is one woman we can’t take our eyes off. Her talents reach beyond just singing and composing - you could see her doing k pop sexy dance with the other girls of IZ*ONE.

5. Minatozaki Sana

Okay, we couldn’t help but add this TWICE member to the list. Minatozaki Sana puts the ‘yum’ in K pop. Plus, take a look at the abs. We should change the name from ‘K pop’ to ‘sex K pop’ - it has a better ring to it, right?

6. J-Hope

This list wouldn’t be complete without some sexy men. South Korean rapper J-Hope makes the panties drop without even trying.

7. Hyolyn

If you’re looking for more spice from a K pop singer, then Hyolyn is your girl. She pushes the boundaries with her style, and her sultry gaze wins the hearts (and probably erections) of all eyes who see her.

8. Jennie

We need a little attitude on this list, and that’s where Jennie Kim comes in. The South Korean rapper lived in New Zealand for five years before starting her rapping career in Blackpink. We love that her dreamy eyes are matched with killer lyrics and a sexy body.

9. Lisa

Thai rapper, singer, and dancer Lisa is a member of the group Blackpink, but we just had to highlight her because, well, look at her! S-E-X-Y.

10. Bae Suzy

A part of the k pop girl group Miss A, Bae Suzy made it to our list of the sexiest k pop artists. The innocent eyes and naughty smile are a perfect combo.

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11. Yook Sung-jae

Yook Sung-jae, from BTOB has a mischievous smile that everyone drools over. The rest of the BTOB boys are just as sexy, but Yook has a little something extra.

12. Mamamoo

We got a couple of baddies right here! Mamamoo came out with their hit ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ but we think their looks are ambiguous. Are they baddies? Are they sweethearts?

13. Yunho1

Yunho, from the pop duo TVXQ! doesn’t only have a sexy face, but he’s one talented man. He’s also a songwriter and actor and we can see why.

14. Hyun Ah

It’s not often we see a k pop star go rogue and step out of the box. But Hyun Ah isn’t your average k pop star.

15. Red Velvet

This four-girl South Korean girl band is all the rage right now (and not just for their music). While these girls are sweet to the core, they certainly like to throw people off with their daring and provocative look.

16. (G)I-dle

(G)I-dile is one word: hot. How could K pop porn not be a thing after you see women like these? The luscious lips, dreamy eyes - these ladies ooze sex appeal, and we’re all for it.


Taemin ticks all of our boxes. He debuted in the boy band Shinee and was also in SuperM. But this man is more than just a singer. He’s also an actor and dancer. Taemin isn’t just sexy because of his looks; he’s the full package.

18. EXO

Talk about a gang bang! This South Korean-Chinese boy band has nine delicious members. We’re open to them adding more members, just as long as they’re as sexy as Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Sheun, Kai, Canhyeol, and D.O. (now that was a mouthful!).

19. Fifty fifty

If you’re on Tiktok (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), there’s no way you don’t know who Fifty Fifty is. Their hit ‘Cupid’ went viral, and now they’re the new obsession. Aran, Keena, Sio, and Saena are all about that K pop sexy look.

20. F(x)

Most K pop bands, girls and boys, have a ‘spicy but nice’ look. But F(x) decided to go full-out naughty. Members Amber, Luna, Krystal, and Victoria know how to amp up the sex appeal for their fans.


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