The Sexiest Smartphone Apps
This article was first published on September 4th, 2014

8 Sexy Smartphone Apps

If you have a smartphone, you probably have apps for almost everything. You can check your bank balance, count calories, track your steps, share photos… The list goes on and on. But do you have any apps to spice up your sex life? We’ve compiled a list of 8 of the most interesting, sexiest smartphone apps available.

1. Cosmo Sex Position of the Day (iOS and Android – $2.99)

This app is billed as “Cosmo’s to-go version of the Kama Sutra”. For anyone familiar with Cosmo, this is exactly what you would expect. Tasteful diagrams and helpful hints accompany each position, and you can even gift this app to your partner!

2. iKamasutra (iOS and Android – free)

iKamasutra is a beautiful app that’s exactly what it sounds like – The Kama Sutra for your smartphone. You can even track your positions and keep tabs on your stats. Try to work your way from Novice to Kama Sutra Master! You can also save positions to your to-do list. Plus, you can even email positions directly to your partner, right from the app.

3. Sex Drive (iOS – $1.99)

While it sounds a little bit crazy, the designers of this app swear that their binaural tone app will improve your sex life. How? Their studies showed that by listening to these special tones for 10-20 minutes a day, you could turn yourself on and increase your sex drive. Skeptical? So are we, but if you try it out, let us know!

4. Passion (iOS – 99 cents)

Passion is like a pedometer for sexual activity. You activate the app and lay it next to you in bed. It tracks your movement and the sounds you make to give you a rating.

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5. Spreadsheets (iOS – $2.99 for full, free for lite)

Spreadsheets is similar to Passion in terms of intended use, but its layout and functionality are a huge step up. You can track just about every facet of your sex life, down to thrust count. Training for a sexual marathon? You might want to put Spreadsheets in your Fitness app folder.

6. Sex 101 (iOS and Android – free)

Sex 101 is a mobile collection of the best sex blogs on the ‘net. You can find sex toy reviews, original erotic stories, FAQs, and other original content. Sex 101 is also finely curated, so you can count on receiving accurate information. It’s like having a team of sexperts in your pocket!

7. Couple (iOS and Android – free)

This is more relationship-based than sex-based, but communication is the key to any healthy relationship. With Couple, you can stay in touch, share private moments, and rest assured that your exchanges with your partner will remain private.

8. The Durexperiment (iOS and Android – free)

This app is set up as a four-week challenge for couples. For each assignment you complete, you unlock another. It also allows you to measure your arousal and track your intimacy. For people fond of fitness challenge apps, this might be just the thing to spice up your sex life.