Sex Scenes from Orange Is the New Black Season 4

Sex Scenes from Orange Is the New Black

Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black was not exactly filled with sexy scenes. As the show has become more mainstream, Netflix seems to have to cut back on their graphics. There was a lot of implied sex moments or moments where characters would make out and then quickly stop.

But seriously, what happened to all the sex scenes? OITNB used to challenge media censorship because it was both created and sold through Netflix, which allowed them to have fewer rules. Despite the lack of visual steam happening in season 4, there were a few monumental scenes.

1. Soso and Poussey: Season 4, Episode 6

Soso and Poussey Season 4 Episode 6 kiiroo

Soso and Poussey got a lot of spotlight throughout this season. Soso went from over-zealous, clueless activist, to an actual caring person. Poussey kept being her cute self, with zero mention of her past alcoholism. All was right in the world of Soso and Poussey, except that Soso never pleasured Poussey, which was an odd plot considering we’ve all seen her go down on Nichols in the chapel (season 2, episode 4). However, Poussey and Soso brought us a new sexy shower scene.

2. Judy King, Yoga Jones, and Luschek: Season 4, Episode 11

Judy King, Yoga Jones, and Luschek Season 4 Episode 11 Kiiroo

Although Judy King had some serious flaws (hint: racism) throughout season 4, we can definitely credit Netflix for introducing another non-mainstream character: an older woman who enjoys sex. We find out right away that Judy King is non-monogamous and we continue to find out just how experimental she is. Being in prison doesn’t stop this lady from getting what she wants. While high on drugs, she manages to have a threesome with Yoga Jones (her roommate) and Luschek (the slobby guard). While we don’t really see much actually happening, the concept of a threesome with two older women is monumental in itself.

3. Alex and Piper: Season 4, Episode 12

Alex and Piper Season 4 Episode 12

Spoiler alert: Alex and Piper reunite! Not like we’re all that surprised. The two of them on their own were getting insufferable, but together they manage to balance out. This scene wasn’t particularly memorable as the two meth heads were shouting at them for most of the scene, but at least we can reminisce about the old days, when Piper and Alex had uninterrupted time in the shower (season 1, episode 1), and in the chapel (season 1, episode 9).

4. Stella: Season 3

stella season 3 kiiroo

Stella makes an incredibly brief appearance in season 4 while in maximum security with Nichols. We have seen her just long enough to find out that she’s still taking drugs, but also that Stella and Nichols have hooked up. Unfortunately, we don’t see it in action, but the thought of it was almost enough. We all know what Nichols can do with her mouth, but remember when Stella stripped down in the shower? Yum.

5. Nichols and Morello: Season 1, Episode 1

Nichols and Morello Season 1 Episode 1 kiiroo

The shower scene with Nichols and Morello was pivotal in the non-censorship of OITNB (season 1, episode 1). In season 4, Nichols tries to re-create this chemistry, but unfortunately for viewers, Morello decides to stay faithful to her husband. Nichols basically chases Morello for the entirety of season 4, which includes a mention to their shower stall. It’s good to know that Morello isn’t a cheater, but it is even better to reminisce about that famous shower.

Bonus: For a show that used to pride itself on kicking down boundaries, we didn’t see much of that happening in season 4. There wasn’t even a mention of masturbation – like that time Sophia Burset gave an anatomy lesson (season 2, episode 4) or when Big Boo had some fun with a screwdriver (season 1, episode 4). We’re just hoping that season 5 brings back some of the sexiness that seemed to be missing from season 4.

sex scenes OITNB kiiroo

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