What Sex Robot will dominate the Market?

August 03, 2018

Kiiroo Sex Robots Dominating the market


Who needs Tinder anymore? Sex Robot companies are on the rise and are building artificial lovers that become more and more realistic and human-like every year. Owning a realistic sex robot is no longer a futuristic wet dream. It can be your (very expensive) reality. 

But who are the people behind these electronic lovers? What’s the story of these sex robot companies we hear so much about? Who is fighting for dominance in the market space?

Time to review the 5 biggest companies that built AI-enhanced sex robots.


Quite a mouth full right? Nevertheless, this Chinese company is a big player in the AI sex robot game. One of their grandest accomplishments is ‘Emma’: an artificial intelligence sex robot.

The AI sex robots by this Chinese company are something else. They have animated eyes that can move and blink. Their skin feels human-esque and has a temperature similar to your own. Thanks to the built-in touch sensors, she will react to your actions.

And if you’re not in the mood for getting it on, Emma is also able to tell you the latest weather forecast, do mathematic equations or crack you up with a funny joke. You see, she’s not just a one trick pony.

Apart from ‘Emma’, Shenzhen Atall also manufactures non-robotic sex dolls and AI Service Robots. The latter are designed strictly to talk to. On their website, you can check out all their products.


The CEO of Realbotix, Matt McMullen, has been building the famous Realdolls for a long time. And now it’s time for the next evolution of this artificial lover: Harmony. Harmony is an AI sex robot. She’s combining the high-quality body of the Realdoll with customizable AI.

With this chick, it’s all about her head. This the part of her that’s equipped with AI. Her body has no such functions, yet you can still move it around into different positions.

Harmony’s brain is actually an AI app that runs in her head. To make her come ‘alive’, you need to download the app and synchronize it with Harmony’s head through Bluetooth. Harmony itself is now available for pre-order, but you can already get the app on Android devices. You know, if you just want a dirty talk version of Siri.

Kiiroo Fleshlight Sex Robot


This company is the developer of the Samantha project. Samantha is not your everyday sex doll. As an AI sex robot, she possesses human attributes such as an actual personality, intuition, and of course a healthy artificial libido

The nice thing about the Samantha doll is that you can customize her any way you want to. When ordering your own, you can tell the company the name you’d like her to have. The doll will then answer to that name. On the website of Synthea Amatus, you can even pick out your voice of choice in their ‘book of voices’. The newest option is a vibrating function in her vagina, hand, or bot



True Companion is a sex robot company that goes way back. They even claim to have developed the world’s first sex robot back in 1993, called ‘Trudy’. Since then, the company has seen great changes and improvements in their products. How about an AI sex robot that’s able to orgasm when you touch them in just the right place? The aim of the company is to deliver you a sex robot that can also be a true companion.

For a little under $10,000, you can order their most famous sex robot Roxxxy. Hairstyle and hair color is something you can pick out yourself. Roxxxy lives up to her ‘true companion’ promise. She will be able to remember your name and your likes and dislikes. If she’s feeling particularly lovey she will express her love to you. If you touch her in just the right way, she can even orgasm

True Companion is also the only sex robot company at the moment working on a male AI sex robot, called Rocky. That’s some good news for all the ladies and gay men out there waiting for their ultimate realistic sex robot experience!


Last but not least, we have Lumi Dolls. If you don’t have the budget to buy your own AI sex robot, you can visit a brothel in Barcelona or Dublin where you can have sex with a Lumi Doll. That’s right: sex robot brothels are totally a thing now! For just $80 an hour, you can enjoy the services of a realistic sex robot. And not to worry: Lumi Doll guarantees that all the dolls are thoroughly disinfected after each use.

But of course, it’s also possible to get your very own Lumi Doll. There are different options such as Kylie. She is also referred to as a ‘cow’ version Lumi Doll because of her overly large breasts.

Written by:

Lara Metman
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Artwork by:

Anthony van Hamond

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