How to Enjoy Sex on a Budget

Frugal Fucking After the Christmas Overspend:

Many of us know the feeling—Christmas has come and gone and suddenly we’re left fuller, merrier, and more than a little lacking in the monetary department.

Although we all love the festive season it can be an incredibly expensive time, leaving us scrimping and scraping to get by in the New Year. What’s more, the ‘Christmas spirit’ can sometimes take giving a bit too far and cause us to overspend on an otherwise immaculate budget. Relax. It happens to everyone.

If you’re in a tight spot money-wise then you may find yourself doubting the chance of any luxurious sexual encounters anytime soon. But we’ve got great news for you! Great, fun, carefree sex doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s perfectly possible to have a special night in together on a reasonable budget.

Here are some of our best ideas for sensational sex on a shoestring budget.

Utilize The Sales

It may be a bit counterintuitive to start saving money by spending money but let’s clarify: By ‘utilize the sales’ we’re not suggesting that you go the whole hog and buy those luxury wands and dildos that you’ve always wanted. I mean you’re perfectly welcome to if you really want them and can factor them into your budget but that’s not the point of this particular suggestion.

Instead, sit down with your partner and make a list of what you absolutely, 100% need for the next 1-3 months (budget depending). This list should include practical items such as condoms, lubricant, and other essentials but it can also have some fun suggestions, such as a new type of sex toy, an old favorite, or something else low budget and high fun.

From there it’s time to shop for those sales and find the best places to suit your essential needs. Once these are covered you can decide if there’s any left over for a congratulatory treat or if you’d rather save up for a treat along the way.

Invest In The Right Products

Equally spending more to spend less might seem like a bad plan but if you initially buy a lot of cheap items then you’ll ultimately be left with products that might be ill-suited for the job, short-lived, or maybe even harmful.

You’re much better off doing your research, reading reviews, and finding out what the most reliable and suitable products are on the market before diving into your list of desired products lists blind.

Use What You Have

New purchases are exciting, but why not have a go at using what you already have?

Boring, right? Well, no. Not if you take something old and give it a new spin.
Are you used to using your favorite vibrator on yourself? Why not let your partner take the steering wheel for a while? Direct their actions or simply let them explore on your behalf. Indulge in the feeling of being at the whim of someone else.
Alternatively, introduce a blindfold (easily made from any cloth) and see how this can change the sensations of even the oldest adult products in your collection.
Never feel constrained by what you have. It really is how you use it that matters.

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Explore New Sex Acts

If investing in new products isn’t an option and you’re not a product fan then make it your resolution to explore a new sex act. This can be a huge goal (like fisting) or something a bit more small-scale (like having your partner nibble your ear).

The important part is to find something you’d like to try together using only your bodies as a jumping off point. This may sound limiting at first but really the number of sensations and variations available are near-boundless.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Those Receipts

If your gift-givers have seen fit to include a receipt in their product then don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to cash this in if you’re not going to use the product, especially if you plan on reinvesting that money in your own sexual happiness.

Yes, we’ve been taught to feel some guilt in doing this, but look at it this way—your friends and family wouldn’t provide you with a receipt unless they were giving you their blessing to use it. In all likelihood they want you to actually gain some enjoyment out of their gift rather than simply hide away a useless object in your home so own that fact and buy your new pleasure products with pride.
Equally gift cards are your friend, as long as they’re for stores that stock condoms and lube.

Get Inspired

The ‘New Year, New Me’ attitude of January doesn’t have to end with fitness and brand new pilates practice.

Why not channel some of that creative energy and fresh dynamism into creating your own sexual adventure? Hop on to Google (either together or alone) and search for something to do with sex that you’ve never done before. This could be a new position, a new kink, or perhaps a new form of sex or body positivity.

Maybe you start a sex blog or begin learning how to write your own erotica. Share the results with your partner. Use it to fuel your sexual activities and act as a delicious build-up that only gets better with practice and the refinement of your newly embraced skills.

The key here is to embark upon something that you know will add a sense of excitement to your love life and that you can sustain without having to spend much or feel too much pressure.

It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

As we hope this article has shown you, affordable January sex is an option and definitely doesn’t have to involve restricting yourself or even keeping things vanilla. Really the opposite is true.

Any shake-up to one’s sexual routine invites a sense of excitement that opens itself up for stronger communication and increased pleasure. So if you find yourself counting the coins then take some solace in the fact that you’re about to make your sex life all the richer.

Written by:

Emmeline Peaches
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