Self-Isolation: A Shopping List for Lovers

8 must-buy items to enjoy your sexy time

When facing imminent self-isolation, you might feel triggered to fly off into hardcore pre-apocalyptic survival mode. Before you start/join any riots at your local grocer, it is always good to remember the essentials.

But it is hard to get anything at all when you enter stores and all the linchpin items like toilet paper and milk have run out. Panic-buying will get supermarkets running out of items in the blink of an eye.

Self-isolation with a lover calls for more than just stockpiling bogrolls and hand-sanitizer. Because in the heat of the moment you might not think of all the items you would need to remain intimate during this period.

The only question is, what do you buy to keep the spark alive during this time-frame and still get what you want?

Here are 8 items that will definitely aid in staying intimate during this confusing moment in time we find ourselves in.

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1. Leather

This is if BDSM is your thing. The situation might be looking fraught outside but you can still be tight and strong with a couple of leather "garments" during your time of self-isolation. They will add some variety to any couples’ sex life, and also look great on webcam or facetime, if you're hooking up remotely.

2. Tissues and Wet wipes.

It might seem obvious, but no masturbation routine is carried out, without some tissues for tidying up afterward. If you fancy being a bit more environmentally friendly, why not go old school with washable handkerchiefs?

3. Lube

You don't want to be caught in lockdown without a metric ton of lube.
Adequate lubrication is needed to make sure you do not have to end up using baby oil and ruining your designer sex toys, or worse, compromise the integrity of your condoms.

Grab your supply of Lube here, and slather it all over your interactive sex toy,

4. Hair Grooming Products

The shaggy look might work for you at home - and nobody can judge you when you are working from home. However, if you find yourself in self-isolation with a loved one, keeping yourself in check could be a necessity to keep the fire alive.

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Some people might not consider shiny hair as a necessity. However, there are many more ways to use hair conditioners other than on your hair. Conditioner is one of THE best shaving tools that a person can buy, offering the most smooth and luxurious shave you have ever seen.

5. A Mobile VR Headset

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds free of Covid19.

Find calming Zen or bone tingling suspense.

If you are stuck at home, the need for a change of scenery can be a temptation that endangers the future of humanity!

With a good VR headset, you can strengthen your discipline and see sights unseen from the safety of your humble abode.

6. Condoms

According to the media, condoms may run out soon due to production line shortages. You know that a night of passion is heavily reliant on these, so make sure you stock up for self-isolation or you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

7. Honey

Not many people know that Honey is one of the most ancient beauty ingredients in the world. The ancient Egyptians were slathering their faces with honey and treating minor cuts and burns with the nectar goodness for years. The reason why honey is such a popular ancient remedy is that it contains a natural antiseptic.

8. A Set of Interactive Sex Toys

Self-isolation means you’ll be spending a lot of time within four walls, kind of.
Use your time to masturbate or have sex in different positions.
But what if your lover lives on the other side of town? Or in a different state or country?

Get yourselves a set of Kiiroo toys to enjoy as a couple.
Check out these lovely couples' sets, and discover the sensation of penetration online. 100% corona-free intimacy!!!

There's no better way to stay safe and healthy, for you and your partner, during this period than exploring yourself.

Sexual pleasure is one of the biggest parts of wellness. And having regular orgasms does wonder for your immune system.

Now that you have all the essentials, have a pleasant and safe time.

Written by

Eleanor Hancock