Proud of our Lead UX Developer Bas

Kiiroo is proud of our Lead UX Developer

Bas is a multi-talent. He can code game engines, draw and create stunning graphics, write amazing apps, edit videos, compose dubstep music, build sites and sing Disney songs like nobody's business.

Apart from having a hand in the entire look and feel of all things Kiiroo, Bas is a succesful Bass player. His Pop Rock Band : Jason Waterfalls, is Lit AF, fresh to death and all that and a bag of chips!

Today they released a new video, and we love it here at Kiiroo HQ!

So we thought it was time for a shameless plug!
That the song is actually catchy, is just an enormous added bonus!

So Bas,...we hope that your song tanks, no body shares it, so you dont get famous and will stay with Kiiroo for all eternity! (just kidding, duh)

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