10 Orgasmic Tips for Girls at Christmas

Orgasmic Tips for Girls

Whether you’re happily single, in a relationship, or if your partner is away on business, we all deserve a merry Christmas and happy holidays. What’s better than a free gift for Christmas that just keeps on giving and can be gotten over and over and over again? It’s fun, you can give it to yourself, or to someone else. And someone can give it to you, too. What a mysterious present! Pssst, it’s an orgasm!

Here are some orgasmic tips for the holidays:

1. Blow off steam at the mall

Need a break from Christmas shopping? Duck into the restrooms at the mall to blow off some steam. You can always bring a small and very quiet vibrator from home in your purse. Now you can deal with the holiday madness again.

2. Buy a fun surprise for Christmas Eve

If you’re out shopping for presents anyway, get yourself some cute red lingerie. That’ll be a fun surprise for your partner on Christmas Eve! Let’s see how fast it ends up on the floor and you end up on the bed…if you make it that far.

3. Have outdoor sex in the snow

Ohhh, freshly fallen snow. It’s so pretty and the world seems so quiet. What a perfect moment to go outside and find a quiet spot for some fun outdoor sex. Be sure to wear a lot of layers! It’ll take some digging around for easy access but that’s half the fun.

4. Watch porn by the fire

Brrrr! Back inside from the cold. Close the curtains, light a fire, and watch some porn. There is so much fun porn to watch nowadays; maybe you’ll even get some new ideas!

5. Send dirty pictures during dinner

Are you at one of those mandatory family dinners over the holidays with your partner? Send each other dirty messages over Signal during dinner. As soon as you can, sneak away to your old bedroom for some fun. Try to keep it down, though. You don’t want to freak out your grandma!

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6. Don’t wear any undies

You could always go to Christmas dinner without any panties under your dress. Tell your partner when you get to the house by whispering it in his ear and see his eyes light up. You’ll be back home in no time!

7. Send naughty pictures from the Xmas party

Do you have to go to one of those awful office Xmas parties? Sneak off to the restroom and send your partner some naughty pictures. Just wait till you get home! If you’re home alone, you could always fantasize about that cute colleague that got a little too drunk.

8. Play a game

Is your partner at an office Xmas party? Time to have fun by yourself! If you’re still horny, spread out all of your sex toys on the bed and wait for him to come home. You can play a fun game where a number he picks corresponds with a certain toy.

9. Have Skype sex

If you and your partner are not together during the holidays, Skype sex is always fun. Make him long to come home while you have fun playing with yourself. Make sure he provides you with some stimulating material to watch. Skype sex from different rooms is also a fun way to get heated up.

10. Give yourself a fun present

The best way to give yourself these little Christmas presents is by putting a Kiiroo Pearl under the Christmas tree. This fun little vibrator is bound to supply you with lots of Christmas cheer. Perfect for some alone time or for remote pleasure control.

Getting through the holidays is hard enough. But with these tips and a Kiiroo Pearl2 it’ll be so much more fun. Happy holidays!


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