Can This Special Massage Really Help You Become More Orgasmic?

Can This Special Massage Really Help You Become More Orgasmic?

Orgasmic Massages

Have you ever wished you could orgasm more easily? Perhaps ‘more easily’ isn’t even enough for you. Perhaps you want longer, deeper, multiple, quickies, full body orgasm or you want your partner to be able to make you squirt? Perhaps you want to make the most of your amazing new sex toy? Maybe you’ve never even had a true orgasm before in your life, despite trying everything? I’ve personally never heard a woman complain that she orgasms too easily.

Well, Madam, I may have the answer for you: A special massage that removes tension spots in your body that ‘inhibit the flow of sexual energy.’ So, if you’re like most women who try this, you’ll find that removing these tension spots helps you become more orgasmic.

As I see it, female orgasms are essentially a release, or flow, of energy. During arousal, energy starts flowing towards our genitals and it builds up here over time. Then, during an orgasm, the energy explodes outwards in ripples. Yes, that’s probably not very scientifically correct, but screw science for a second and bear with me.

Because orgasms are essentially a flow of energy around the body, tension and stress spots, located at specific places can actually stop this flow, leading to weak, or hard-to-come-by orgasms. Maybe it takes you a long time to orgasm, and either you or your partner gets tired, (or comes first) before this happens?

Tension spots build up, almost inevitably, over time. Life is stressful, and most of us don’t take the time to care for ourselves and rejuvenate the way we should. So, while you may be coming into your own as a woman, and know more about what turns you on and works for you in the bedroom, and your sexual energy increases, growing stress, and tension can prevent you from having the kind of orgasms you want.

These spots appear in the body as knots, or tender areas, through which energy can’t flow. They will feel tender or sore when rubbed my the masseuse but this is the only way to get rid of them.

Here are the most important areas to focus on during the massage. These are the areas where tension builds up easily and sexual energy flow tends to stagnate.

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With you lying on your front:

  • The neck and shoulders are a good place to start the massage. This area holds tension in almost everyone.
  • With one arm bent behind your back, the shoulder blade will become exposed. During exhalation, massage, deep within the shoulder blade.
  • Down the spinal column, staying close to the spine
  • On the top of the buttocks. When the masseuse finds the right spot, you’ll know. It will feel tender to touch, this is where you want to focus.

With you lying on your back:

  • Below the collarbone, along the lower edge during exhalation
  • At the top and bottom of the breast. Much like the buttocks, there will be a particular tender spot, which is where time should be spent removing the tension.
  • Running along the bottom of the rib cage. Go as deep along and inside the rib cage as in comfortably possible.
  • The V at the top of the pubic bone
  • Down the inside of your thigh, in line with the vagina

These are the places that really make a difference to the flow of sexual energy, and although it may feel mildly painful when they’re being worked during the massage, with them removed your body will be ready for a whole new level of orgasm.

It takes time, though. Don’t expect to become ‘super-orgasmic’ overnight. If you commit to practicing your Kegels and combine this with a couple of thorough massages, there’s a good chance that you’ll start to feel a difference within your body during sexual arousal. You may find yourself reaching orgasm more quickly and more powerfully.

The ideal situation would be your partner as the masseuse, that’s not always possible, unfortunately. I’m sure you think of ways to return the favor. Besides, what guy wouldn’t want to have a highly orgasmic girlfriend who can have full body, squirting orgasms, whenever he pleases?

To conclude, this massage really is an effective way to become more orgasmic, but it takes the time to remove the tension spots. Commit to booking yourself in for a massage, with your partner, or a trained masseuse, to focus on the tension spots mentioned above for a couple of hourly sessions.

In addition, practicing Kegels is also recommended as a great complimentary exercise to strengthen the muscles around the vagina. Become proactive about taking the time to relax and unwind (yoga is great for this) now that you know not doing so could be taking its toll in the bedroom.

I think the world would be that little bit better if every woman could orgasm that little bit more easily.

Written by

Laura Halliday


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