VR Headset Giveaway: Get a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2

VR Headset Giveaway: Get a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2

How to win an Oculus Quest 2

Please note: The Oculus Quest 2 is currently not compatible with any of Kiiroo's interactive devices.

2020 has left us all feeling like we need an escape. Technology has allowed us to bridge the gap between isolation and physical touch. But now it can also take us to new realms.

To celebrate the new Oculus Quest 2 release, KIIROO is giving you the chance to win one. When considering the ways that adult entertainment is becoming more and more engrossed in VR, it’s a win-win for anybody out there looking to try VR this year.

Many VR enthusiasts around the globe have been waiting for the newest release from the VR giants, Oculus. The new Oculus Quest headset boasts new wireless capabilities, for ease of comfort and use when playing in VR. It’s now easier to feel immersed. There are also tons of new options to play online, which also brings us to the topic of sex-tech and VR

Sex-tech and VR

So what does that mean for sex-tech users? Well, fasten your seatbelts.

Whilst it is not yet possible to use Oculus Quest 2 with KIIROO devices, there are still plenty of ways to bring some VR fun to your bedroom.

If you are looking for a way to take sex-tech to the next level, try combining the power of virtual reality alongside your favorite male masturbator. Why not play with your lover in a new reality? Feel alive with the power of virtual touch.

Adult Entertainment

If you haven’t already explored the options out there for adult entertainment and VR, there are countless opportunities. Even if you are a newbie or an experienced VR advocate. Our blog has a few handy articles about VR pornographic content, including options for both free and paid content.

Watching adult entertainment in VR can help heighten your senses. Thanks to the wide range of POV porn, VR helps you feel like you are part of the action. If you have ever wondered how it might feel to try a certain position or have sex in another location, VR will make it easier to access your fantasies.

Another great feature of VR is that it allows you to visualize your desires better. This can be incredibly useful for couple-play. This means that if you wanted to experiment, or try out a fantasy, visualizing the scene in VR might be helpful.

VR can also be another way to build confidence in the bedroom. Does your partner have a secret fantasy? Have they ever thought about bringing another person into the bedroom, or experimenting with someone from another sex? Have a night in with the Oculus headset and let your partner explore in another realm instead.

For anime enthusiasts, the world of adult entertainment and VR looks promising. Since the dawn of 2020, there have been a number of new adult games that have entered the market that work well with the Oculus Rift.

One of the best reasons to use anime alongside VR is that it allows you to experience the intense visuals, colors, and aesthetics that help build the anime or virtual worlds.

In a recent study by Badoink VR, they found that VR porn was able to increase the arousal levels of users. Even after being exposed to the pornographic content numerous times.

Whilst it was only a small study, it paves the way for the future of VR adult entertainment viewing, which has the power to reel us in like never before. If 2D adult entertainment wasn’t for you, VR pornography should definitely get you excited.

Virtual Games

Virtual reality porn games are a great way of dipping your toes in to the world of VR. For example, 3DX Chat is a game that developers have tried to make as realistic as possible. By using the motion from real-life performers to develop their animations.

The old version of Oculus Quest had fantastic reviews when integrating with 3DX Chat and developers are keen for the new headset to sync seamlessly. They will update their website accordingly, so make sure to check them out.


As we said earlier, this month, we are happy to announce that we are making it easier to connect with VR.

So how do you get a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2?

  1. Your minimum order value of $120 (USD) must be purchased on Kiiroo.com between 10 November 2020 and 30 November 2020 to be entered automatically into the draw.
  1. This prize draw is open worldwide to all customers over the age of 18 who have purchased from Kiiroo.com.
  1. Purchases must be made before 23:59 CET on 30 November 2020 to be eligible.
  1. The prize for the winner is one Oculus Quest 2. There will be only 3 winners.

  2. The winners will be notified via email on Thursday 10 December 2020.

  3. These terms and conditions will be updated from time-to-time at the sole discretion of Kiiroo.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

Good Luck!