A Not So Secretive Santa – An Erotic Story

A Not So Secretive Santa

Heavy boots didn’t make for the most clandestine of footwear and that was exactly the point. As Suzie leaned down and placed presents under the tree she heard the heavy sound of footsteps coming down the staircase and awaited the moment that her daughter Mary would discover her, complete in full Santa Claus costume, ready to bring her yet another year of Christmas cheer.

But these footsteps sounded more discreet and more controlled than those of an excitable seven-year-old. Realizing this Suzie turned to look at the staircase and saw her sweetheart there instead.

“She’s asleep” Rose responded to Suzie, already anticipating her question. “Tuckered out from the takeaway”.

Suzie rolled her eyes, chuckled and headed over to Rose. “I told you we should have had a lighter meal this year”.

“No way!” responded Rose playfully, as Suzie pulled her into a hug by the hips. “You know the deal—On Christmas Eve I get a break from Christmas and a culinary treat of my own”.

“Hrrmmm a takeout is hardly a treat for the body” Suzie grimaced in light-hearted response. “Too many of those and I might have to put you on the naughty list for your indulgences”.

“Are you saying I’ve been bad, Santa?” Rose retorted in a lyrical tone. Her smile made it clear that she was happy to play along.

“Oh yes, very” purred Suzie. “Santa’s going to have to punish you with more than coal”.

Suzie’s grip firmed as she stroked Rose’s back.

“Why Santa. You sound a bit strange” Rose observed, changing pace a bit with her teasing. “Not like any Santa Claus I’ve heard before”.

Rose knew just how to set up the scene. Suzie loved it.

Taking the bait, she gently moved in, allowing her synthetic beard to brush against Rose’s cheek as she whispered in her ear.

“I’m not like any Santa you’ve ever seen before either”

With that, Suzie stepped away and unbuckled her thick leather belt.

She had been most deliberate in her positioning—making sure the fireplace was behind her, framing her body and emphasizing the display she was about to put on for her beloved.

Placing the belt to one side she took up the fur lining of her rosy red attire and parted the folds, allowing her body to become a captivating gift.

“Is that belt not for me?” Rose asked assertively. She always did like to play hard-to-get.

“All good things in time” Suzie assured her. “But, for now, why don’t you come and meet Santa under the mistletoe?”

Rose grinned and gently moved over. With brilliantly smooth hands she caressed Suzie’s coat and slid her way closer to her, kissing her nipples in a tender dedication. The subtle nibbling and rich sucking motions that Rose employed made Suzie wet and willing, but she knew that in this scenario she had to maintain her composure and take the lead.

Thankfully domination and gratification often go hand-in-hand, thought Suzie, in some cases quite literally.

Suzie took up one of Rose’s hands and allowed it to trace the suspenders of her Santa costume before sliding it underneath her trousers and delicate lace underwear. “Why not show Santa just how much of a ho-ho-hoe you can be?” Suzie grinned proudly.

Her request was met with a sharp pinch to her labia. The good kind.

“Too much?” she asked in a higher tone and through gritted teeth. Rose smiled with sweet sadism in her hazel eyes before taking up a lighter touch and sweetly stroking Suzie’s folds. As Rose began to swirl around Suzie’s clitoris—her unlubricated hands adding a firm sense of clinging friction—Suzie couldn’t wait any longer.

She tore off the fake beard, chucked her Santa hat to one side and tore into Rose, consuming her with heated kisses as she pulled her nightgown firmly down her body. In her eagerness, she even hears a slight tear. No matter—she’d purchased her a new silk chemise as a personal present to enjoy.

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Clothing rapidly removed, Suzie lifted Rose up and threw her down on to the sofa as Rose giggled with glee.

“Sssh!” Suzie hushed. “You’ll wake Mary” she reminded her.

They both knew that wasn’t the case, but neither cared.

“You’re right,” Rose said. “I truly have been a naughty girl”.

“Indeed,” Suzie said, taking up the costume’s thick leather belt and stroking it against Rose’s posterior.

Rose only had a split second to relish this lighter touch before Suzie came down upon her with a series of ever-increasing snaps of the belt. She felt each sting with a swift, sharp precision and yet the thickness of the belt added a delicious thump that made her vagina sopping wet with arousal. Suzie had invested in a very sturdy costume indeed. The decision had paid off.

“Those Santa gloves…” Rose managed to mutter, in between hits, “They’re made from a smooth material, right?”.

“How about I let you find that out first hand,” Suzie said, retrieving some lubricant from one of the gift bags and determining to open it as an early treat.

Glove well-lubricated, Suzie slid a few decisive fingers into Rose’s slick and eager vagina before curling her fingers and starting a rhythmic built up to further insertion. As more fingers entered Rose’s vagina she gasped and moaned with the intensity of it all.

The glove was smooth but it also had a faux leather texture to it which enhanced each other of Suzie’s motions. Every finger felt like a gift worth waiting the whole year for. When she felt Suzie’s fist eventually penetrate her she was sure that Christmas had come early and so, too, may she.

Unable to contain a scream, Rose felt a firm hand clasp around her mouth as Suzie held her firm and continued to fuck her firmly with her fist. Each pounding was brutally strong and yet came with a familiar tenderness that drove Rose insane. It wasn’t long until she was collapsed on the sofa, a damp puddle amassing from her gushing climax.

Humming in a contented manner, Rose felt Suzie move to lie by her side and pull her in for a gentle hug. The gloves were off and the fire warmed and comforted them both after the intensity of the session.

“This will be the first year that Mary hasn’t come down and seen Santa. Do you think she’s too old for this already?” Suzie confided in her sweetheart apprehensively.

“Nonsense” Rose reassured us. “Mary loves this tradition. She was just really tired, that’s all…Besides, if she ever does sleep in again you always know that I’ll be here to enjoy your festive display”.

Suzie’s apprehensions faded and her expression softened. “I love you so much”.

“And I you,” said Rose. “Now let’s head upstairs before Mary sees more than mummy just kissing Santa Claus”.

Suzie chuckled at the cheesy banter and lifted Rose up in her arms, ready to continue engaging in some Christmas merriment.

Written by:

Emmeline Peaches
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