Meet the Feel Star: Rachel Starr

Prepare to be Starr-struck - the ever-so-naughty performer Rachel Starr just joined our dizzying line-up of Feel Stars and the FeelRachel collection is ready to blow the lid off your reality.

We’re excited, you’re excited, Rachel is raring to go. So let’s skip the small talk and get straight to pillow talk, as we get to know this award-winning adult star on an intimate level and exactly why she’s so elated to launch the FeelRachel collection.

Ain’t her first rodeo

Dallas-born Rachel Starr kicked off her career in the adult industry in 2007, when adult star and director Jack Venice saw her at work, dancing. She describes the meeting to Kiiroo: “He [Jack] came into the gentlemen’s club I was working at in Shreveport, Louisiana. I was on stage and he saw me and thought I was the perfect look for the next movie he had coming out.”

It was full steam ahead from there. Since then, Rachel has starred in almost 600 adult scenes, shot by the crème de la crème in the adult industry: Brazzers, Bangbros, Naughty America and Jules Jordan to name a few.

When asked what she thinks makes her stand out in the adult industry, Rachel has one definitive answer.

“I would definitely say that I’m known for my bubble butt. Maybe my boobs but mostly, for sure, my bubble butt.”

But while her eye-popping booty has seen Rachel nominated for awards such as AVN’s ‘Hottest Ass’, there’s more to her talents than pops the eyes. The seasoned adult star was recently inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2022, and won Fleshbot’s ‘MILF of the Year’ both this year and in 2021.

With more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram alone, it’s no surprise that Rachel has also won Fleshbot’s ‘Best Social Media Personality’ award. A true influencer in her own right, the adult star has been widely recognized in mainstream media, including an appearance in the second episode of Netflix’s Tiger King in 2020 - her friendship with Joe Exotic goes back almost a decade.

Rachel Starr sex toy

All-round Texas gal

With stars and stripes on her panties for the Kiiroo photoshoot, Rachel describes herself as an ‘all-round Texas gal” with a great respect for the freedom of expression her birthplace allows her to have.

She explains: “In Texas we’re all about the red, white and blue. We’re very patriotic. But as well as being patriotic, I’m an all-American gal and I’ve got a lot of pride that comes with that. We’ve been given opportunities here to explore things that the other countries aren't allowed to. If it wasn't for America and the laws and how everything works here I probably wouldn't have had the ability to even get into porn in the first place.”

But location isn’t an issue when it comes to connecting to this Dallas-born Feel Star. In fact, that’s Rachel’s favorite thing about interactive sex tech. “It doesn't matter where in the world both people are at, it bonds and connects you,” she says. “That power of connection through feeling each other live, in real time.”

Rachel’s favorite sex position while filming is cowgirl. Is this a nod to her hometown’s football team? “It’s mostly because I really wanna bounce my ass off,” she tells Kiiroo. Just a coincidence then. As well as riding backwards, Rachel gets most pleasure from “touch, candlelight, and maybe a little friction”.

Never skip a beat

Even with her seasoned back-catalog, Rachel shows no signs of stopping - creating content to keep fans coming all the time, including camming. “I love being live!” she tells Kiiroo. “Interacting with my fans, live cam shows, dancing… I love the filming part and seeing my fans get excited about it.”

Why does she love interacting with her fans so much? Rachel explains:

“I feel like I really get to know them - and they're so excited to see me. That’s really flattering and makes all the hard work over the years worth it, especially when they can remember all my movies. They get very particular - they can remember outfits and things that I said.”

They’ll soon remember exactly how Rachel feels, too, with the launch of the FeelRachel stroker making sexual fantasies come true.

“I’m really excited for my fans to be able to interact with my stroker and have much more of a personal connection while watching my content,” Rachel says. “But I’m super excited for my fans to get to experience me moving on top of them with the Keon because that’s a fully automated experience and it’ll be synced to my videos”.

She’s not wrong - you can now connect the personalized FeelRachel stroker with luxury automated masturbator Keon, and then connect it to Rachel’s extensive adult content movies to feel the result of every curl her hips make, as it happens on screen.

And this is the magic Rachel is excited for, explaining: “It’s a full interactive experience. With my stroker you get to feel me and with the Keon you get to not only feel every single inch of me, but now you get to feel my every single movement.”

She adds: ”It’s like I’m there and you’re not skipping a beat or missing anything. And it really feels like I’m gliding up and down your hard c***.”

Tune in, turn on

If you’re planning on tuning into porn or a cam site for the first time, Rachel has some advice:

“Definitely bring lube!” she laughs. “Know that there’s going to be a lot of variety, and explore, experiment, no holds barred. It’s your time, your vote, you’re with a professional - a girl who does it every single day, or maybe a guy who does it every single day.”

By doing this, Rachel encourages you to “find your kink and take it as far as you wanna go with it - maybe use some toys, and don’t be scared to ask questions.”

Are you ready? Rachel Starr is. If she had one wish, she says: “I wish that my stroker was launched right this second and was immediately worldwide on every shelf for everyone to buy.”

The stars have aligned and the FeelRachel collection is now available for you to experience, in fully interactive glory.

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