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Meet the FeelStar: Kayley Gunner

Get ready to stand to attention - former sergeant turned adult performer Kayley Gunner just joined our lust worthy line-up of FeelStars and is ready for you to feel her every move with the FeelKayley collection. Not only is her personalized stroker available, but the blonde bombshell has also released a stamina training program for you to enjoy. Explosive climaxes incoming…

From camo to camming

Originally from Hawaii, surf and sun were a major part of life for this sexy beach bunny. Then, Kayley joined the U.S. Army, where she became a machine gunner and eventually, sergeant. When her contract ended in recent years, Kaylee decided to immerse herself in the world of adult entertainment.

“I was actually in the military for five years.” Kaylee told Kiiroo. “I got out and was introduced to cam sites and it was amazing. I loved that I could work from my bed, just talking to people who actually cared about me and were into me. So I started to cam and, yeah, I hit up agencies and shot my first porn - and here we are.”

Quickly making her mark in the adult industry, Kayley loves the empowerment that comes from having sex. “I love the confidence I get just from being naked, especially in front of the camera. It’s very empowering and yeah, just, the sexual freedom I can get from it.”

With such a lust for life and the industry, we asked Kayley if there’s anything she wants to do in porn that she hasn’t done yet. Her response: ”I haven’t shot anything in another country so that’s something I really wanna do this year.” International fans, keep your eyes peeled.

Stamina training with a former sergeant

But while her busty blonde looks dazzle her fans, there’s more to Kayley Gunner than meets the eye. Drawing on her former military/drill sergeant experience, the erotic performer is giving her fans a reason to stand up and salute with her new stamina training program from Kiiroo. With her FeelKayley stroker to hand, you can practice prolonging your climaxes in the most enjoyable way possible.

Kayley’s stamina sessions, which are offered in several training packages, will also sync with the Keon, Onyx+, and Titan interactive masturbators. As well as building up the most intense, explosive orgasms ever, Ms Gunner’s training will also eventually help you last longer in bed - not all heroes wear capes, right?

A generous giver

With 430k followers on Instagram alone, Kayley is a true influencer in her own right. And she loves the feeling that comes from pleasing her fans. “I just like making other people happy,” she says. “I’m a giver and I just want everyone to feel pleasure and enjoy my content, so my fans definitely excite me”.

She’s also a giver in the bedroom, stating that the most important sexual skill to have is “anything where you can give” and “maybe making a partner cum first”.

This love of giving pleasure to partners and fans also extends to interactive sex tech. “I’m so excited that all my fans are finally able to feel me. This is my first toy on the market and the fact that it’s interactive sets it apart and I can’t wait - you guys are gonna enjoy this one.”

Kayley continues: “The best part about interactive sex toys is that you can actually feel what’s going on - whether that’s feeling the strokes of the girl in the video or using the Keon, it’s fun!”

Get closer to Kayley

I can't wait for all my fans to feel me and to make all their fantasies come true. This technology is amazing and with the Keon you can feel every stroke,” Kayley says. “For anyone using my stroker out there, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’m really excited for this toy and you can finally feel Kayley Gunner... [blows kiss] ..enjoy!”

Ready to let Kayley give you what you desire most? Make your fantasies reality - connect the personalized FeelKayley stroker with luxury automated masturbator Keon, then sync it to Kayley’s adult content to feel every move she makes, as it happens on screen.

You don’t have to be restricted to interactive porn sites either - subscribing to FeelMe AI allows you to turn all adult content on the internet interactive, so you can get closer to Kayley Gunner than ever before. Explore the FeelKayley Collection and the Kayley Gunner stamina training program for infinite pleasure.

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