Meet the FeelStar: Daphne Laat

When sex is your hobby, the rest comes naturally. That’s what happened for Daphne Laat, the newest adult performer to join our blazing-hot line-up of FeelStars.

To celebrate the launch of the FeelDaphne Stroker, molded from Daphne’s real intimate parts, we got together with the Dutch model, cammer, and pornstar herself. On the agenda: starting out in the sex industry, interacting with fans, and her not-so-guilty pleasure… squirting.

Seven years of sex on camera

Daphne Laat first became interested in the adult industry after deciding to try new things in bed with her husband. She tells us: “We wanted to spice up our sex life and y’know… we did that. And then I felt more like ‘ohhh this is good’. I felt good with it, so I wanted to do more.”

That’s when she started webcamming.

“The first time I did it I put nice lingerie on, I put makeup on, and then after one hour I came back with a big smile on my face. And I said to my husband: ‘Wow this is fun, this is cool’. So I did it for half a year.”

After six months building up her webcam following, Daphne started making porn. Not one to do anything by half, her first day making adult movies threw her right in at the deep end. “I had the first three shoots in one day!” she recalls. “And wow… it was so amazing. And I still do it now, and have done for seven years. I still love it.”

Her fans love it too. With almost 200 titles to her name (both in the Netherlands and internationally), Daphne is recognised in the street and in bars. But not everyone dares approach the pornstar.

“I love interacting with my fans and I really wish they would come to me more, instead of just walking by,” she explains. “I’m open so you can always ask for a picture with me and yeah… come by and say hello!”

Feel Daphne stroker

Feel, for real

Of course, not everyone will have the pleasure of bumping into Daphne in the pub (or a bar down the beach, where she likes to spend her days off with a glass of white wine in the sunshine). To feel closer to her fans, Daphne has had her very own lifelike stroker created. It’s silky-soft, just like her real skin, and, once inside, will squeeze you in all the right places.

“Everybody can feel my p*ssy now, for real,” Daphne smiles.

For the ultimate interactive experience, pair the FeelDaphne Stroker (molded from the adult star’s actual vulva) with our multi-award-winning Keon automatic masturbator. Then, sync your favorite Daphne movies (with FeelMe AI, any porn can be made interactive) or live streams to feel her every single move as it happens on screen. Daphne explains:

“The best part of using this interactive toy is that you really can feel me. And you can really feel how I can handle your d*ck…. everything that I do.”

Sweetness and squirting

Regular Daphne fans may already know what to expect from the FeelStar, but those new to her adult content are in for lots of treats and teasing. When asked what her guilty pleasure is, Daphne winks: “Ooooh my guilty pleasure? Yeah, that’s squirting.”

One thing Daphne won’t do on film is anal. So, she says: “That will be more like a fantasy for you.” But what she would love to do more of, is group sex.

“I’ve already done it but I still can do it - a fan gangbang. You know what that is? A fan gangbang? It’s like a gangbang, with fans.”

Hands up, who wants to be friends with Daphne? It’s easy to see this busty brunette’s appeal, and not just her looks. When asked to describe herself in three words, our new FeelStar answers confidently: “I’m sweet, I’m naughty, and I know what I want.”

And what does she want? What is Daphne’s passion?

“My passion is sex and I think everybody who knows me knows I love everything to do with sex.”

For Daphne fans who wish to share her passion for all things sexual, our FeelStar’s biggest wish is that you can now enjoy feeling her.

“I’m really excited to get my p*ssy out,” she says. “You don’t want to miss it of course. I’m excited that it’s coming out and to see it for myself as well.” She thanks those who will be buying her FeelDaphne Stoker, finishing with a request for all her fans:

“Of course, I want to know how it felt. Can you tell me?”

Explore the FeelDaphne collection and let her know.

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