Meet the Feel Star: Reya Sunshine

Curvaceous, captivating and altogether something else… We’re delighted to add the inimitable Reya Sunshine to our incredible line-up of Feel Stars. Be prepared - your sexual interactions are about to get ramped up, as the FeelReya collection launches for your pleasure.

Here, we get to know Reya intimately, as we delve into what’s brought her to Feel Stardom and hear why she’s so excited to launch the FeelReya collection.

Self-made: working from the bottom up

Reya Sunshine is no stranger to the adult industry – far from it. Fans are ever-appreciative of her strong social media presence. She’s amassed millions of followers across her various platforms, thanks to her outgoing nature, self-made popularity and delectable XXX video content.

Reya started from the bottom and worked hard to earn the reputation and status she now enjoys so much – she believes that’s what makes her a standout star of the adult industry. Reya tells Kiiroo: “I’ve been an independent creator my whole career and so I sell all my own clips on different platforms. I haven’t shot with mainstream porn companies so it’s something I’ve done from the ground up myself.

“My industry journey began as a stripper. I worked in a bikini bar and I wanted to experience more and reach out to a wider audience. I even started posting pictures on Instagram – sexy pictures but still appropriate for Instagram – and trying to get people into the bikini bar and eventually I was like ‘f*** it, I’m just going to go for it’ and I started web camming.”

Reya added: “I started web camming, filming my own clips and eventually I was popular enough to feature dance and so now I do that around the country. Everything just kind of built one on top of the other and here I am.”

The rest, as they say, is history. “Now I get to be a Feel Star!” she exclaims. Much to our delight.

Reya sunshine stroker by kiiroo

Award-winning talents

Reya began to make a name for herself as she became a prominent performer in live, solo, girl on girl, and eventually boy on girl, content. She owns and produces all her own content and took the prestigious XBIZ Clip Artist of the Year Award 2021 for her efforts.

And now, in a career-first, she’s allowing her fans to feel what it’s really like to be with her, as the FeelReya stroker launches with the ultimate sexual experience. And we mean ultimate.

Asked how she feels about her fans now being able to feel her, Reya said:I’m really excited for my fans to be able to interact with my stroker and have just that much more of a personal connection while watching my content.

“But I’m super excited for my fans to get to experience me moving on top of them with the Keon because that’s a fully automated experience and it’ll be synced to my videos.”

You can connect the personalized FeelReya stroker with luxury automated masturbator Keon, and then pair it with your favorite Reya movies to feel her every single move as it happens on screen. Need any more reason to buy into Reya?

We’ll hand over to Reya, as she explains: “It will be the closest thing to feeling like what the male talent feels like when we’re f***ing on camera. You will get to experience me at the pace we go and the stroke length we go. It will be totally synced up and just a seamless, amazing experience.”

Say no more. We’re sold.

Ready to truly feel Reya Sunshine? Explore the FeelReya collection and enjoy your own personalized ecstasy.