Loving from Long Distance

Long Distance Loving

KIIROO is the only company with luxury devices and a beautiful, seamless platform that allow you to be intimate no matter the long distance or long distance relationship. Take the KIIROO Pearl2, for example. It is an ergonomic G-spot vibrator with a strong motor and a hidden power: The Pearl2 allows you to touch, tease, and pleasure your partner from any distance which is suitable for couples in a long distance relationship.

The KIIROO Onyx2 is the world’s most luxurious male masturbator. Onyx2 can both send and receive data, so no matter who you’re playing with, distance is no object.

The KIIROO platform was designed to melt into the background. The goal is to facilitate intimacy, not to show off our fancy technical skills. Your lover should be your focus, and our platform makes it easy to jump right in. We secured our platform with WebRTC, because what happens on KIIROO should be between you and your partner, always.

kiiroo onyx plus for men

How do they work? With every touch or stroke of her Pearl2, his Onyx2 contracts to match. What about his and his? Onyx2’s touchpad makes it easy to customize a stroke pattern for you and your lover. Take turns, or allow one person to control the action.

Because we wanted everyone to be able to play, Onyx2 is easy on the joints and nearly hands-free, which means it’s great for those with limited mobility. Pearl2 is made of completely body-safe materials in an approachable size with a non-representational shape. No matter who you are, it’s intimacy in real time, completely independent of distance.

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