Learn A Little, Love A Lot

Learn A Little, Love A Lot: Challenges To Help Improve Your Sexual Trivia (And Prowess)

Did you know that the clitoris has an internal section that is shaped much like a wishbone and links to every single structure in the genitals? How about that male anatomy derives more pleasure from anal sex due to the stimulation of the prostate?

If so then you’re a sex champ! If not, then it might be time to brush up on your sexual trivia.

Why Acquire Sexual Trivia?

Here at Kiiroo we’re always encouraging you to do your research when it comes to new sexual adventures and, when we do, we’re hoping that you bump in to a bunch of sex trivia.

‘Trivia’ may sound like a trivial term (to make a play on words) but having general knowledge of sex, sexuality, and some of the more obscure sex facts out there can be incredibly useful.

Sexual tidbits and little gems of adult knowledge aren’t just great to pull out in a party setting—they also help you become a more confident and informed lover. After all, how can you truly value the clitoris or perineum unless you know exactly why they’re such sex powerhouses? Knowledge is power.

How To Become a Sexual Trivia Whizz

You might be wondering how anyone finds out that the typical male orgasm lasts for 6 seconds (and a female’s lasts for 20 seconds) but the answer is almost too simple too be true: Just Google it!

Internet search providers have made any information accessible to people and the mantra ‘seek and you shall find’ has never seemed so literal as a result.

Start nice and simple with search terms such as ‘fun sex facts’, ‘facts about the clitoris’, or ‘things about anal sex that you need to know’. We’ve all seen a clickbait article in our lives, and using phrases that you would expect from one such article is a great way to find the simple listicles of sex facts that now occupy the net.

Keep in mind this is a good approach for your preliminary searches, and not the only method you should use. If you find a fact in one of these lists that interests you (or simply sounds too good to be true) then make sure to fact check by taking that piece of trivia and running that through a search engine too. Click on more than one article and see what the consensus is.

More to the point, see if any articles suggest how you could use this trivia to your advantage.

Playing For Info

Another great way of testing and growing your sexual trivia is to pick up an adult card or board game which tests your knowledge as part of its mechanics.

This will allow you to display your impressive sexual knowledge while also teaching you new things. It will also enable you to find out new information outside of the game—as you and those you’re playing with trade trivia of their own. Overall, it’s an incredibly valuable (and fun) way to gain information.

Again, do have your phone to hand to fact check anything your friends/partner says before taking it as 100% accurate, or make a mental note to look it up later. Fake news is a sincere problem nowadays and it doesn’t just stop at politics.

Get Personal

Extending from this fun gaming idea, 1-on-1 sex games are also a great way to learn a different kind of trivia—namely the personal kind.

Sure, it’s great to know that the clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, but if your partner prefers their labia nibbled during sex then this piece of sexual trivia may not help you as much as you’d hoped.

These fun little Q&A sessions (either using a card, board game or simply going solo) are a great way to get that sexual trivia which is unique to that person and no one else.

We all have our own personal preferences, and it pays to keep them in your internet sex fact repository.

What To Do With All This Knowledge?

This part is easily answered: If you know some of the key sex facts then you know how to use them to your advantage and what parts of the body to focus on.

Finding erogenous zones will be easier. Giving stimulation where needed will feel more assured, and you may even learn a bit more about your own body.

But, remember, always ask before putting your trivia to task—sometimes general facts don’t speak of those more intimate pieces of info that we all cherish so much.

Written by:

Dr. Emmeline Peaches
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