Combining the Kamasutra and Sex Tech in LDRs

If you think of the Kamasutra and what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most likely it is your partner and you entwined together like some kind of masterful human pretzel.

While undeniably alluring, the poses of the Kamasutra can be intimidating for some. What’s more, they also don’t seem very inclusive of those in a long distance relationship. After all, the many sex positions of the Kamasutra place quite a lot of importance on both partners being present.

However, I’m going to let you in on an exciting secret: The Kamasutra isn’t all about sex positions.

To cut a long story short the Kamasutra actually focuses on using one’s sexual energy in a healthy and meaningful manner. This involves all kinds of different advice, of which sexual positions are just a small part.

Some of the advice in the Kamasutra is sadly dated, but there is still a lot of wisdom to be gleamed from its pages. This includes advice which can easily apply to long distance relationships. Huzzah!

So, without further ado, let’s look at a few Kamasutra sex tips and see how Kiiroo can help you achieve them.

Honor Your Lover

Much like Tantra, the Kamasutra puts a lot of emphasis on setting the mood before engaging in sex. The premise for this is to make value each encounter and to honor your lover through your sexual union.

Take turns to set a romantic atmosphere for each other. If it’s your turn send your partner some gifts before your Kiiroo session that they can use during. Scented candles are great for this, so is massage oil.

You can find out more about this in my article on Tantra as the two blend together very well.

Dressing to impress is also advised, as it gets both lovers in the right mindset and can boost self-confidence.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are 64 arts detailed in the Kamasutra. Among them are suggestions such as dancing for your lover’s delight, creating great works of art, or reciting poetry. It is also suggested that women should embrace scratching practices while men should focus on the bite.

While such tasks can seem daunting over sex tech they’re actually great ways to immediately dissolve any tension or uncertainty and bring you closer together. Perform your own dance or sing your partner’s favorite song. If you did dress to impress perhaps now is the time for some alluring striptease.

When it comes to the touch Fifty Shades of Grey has nothing on the Kamasutra.

Try to experiment with mild pain as a source of immense pleasure. Eroticism is the key here and distance should not be a barrier to the erotic space that you are creating together.

Whether your partner is narrating your actions or you’ve chosen to put on a show for them embrace biting, scratching and slapping actions. Tell your partner how it feels, if it tingles or stings. Close your eyes and deepen the breath. Create intimacy through these tactile explorations. Uncover your own desires.

Seek Balance

The Kamasutra is a huge advocate for aspiring towards equal pleasure for both partners. Traditionally this meant that more focus was given on the woman’s pleasure, as sex was considered to be too male-centric.

As if tapping into their inner Kamasutra from the get-go, Kiiroo is already perfectly poised for practicing this. The Pearl, after all, empowers women by giving them control over the Onyx. However, the Kamasutra’s ultimate goal is to balance and this is what Kiiroo users should keep in mind when practicing Kamasutra.

Find ways to tease each other at first. Focus on slow motions with the Onyx. This should mean that if a Pearl user is involved they will naturally tease themselves as well as their lover. Doing so creates an intuitive flow of desire which will build as things progress.

When it comes to sex take the time to enjoy each motion. Allow yourself to let go of your inhibitions and embrace your pleasure. Feel free to try some bold or ambitious poses during your Kamasutra session but it’s not crucial. Believe it or not, a lot of the Kamasutra positions were devised to help accommodate lovers of all shapes and sizes, so it’s all about what feels right for you.

Make sure to check in with your partner and keep their pleasure in mind too. Try to create a flow of mutual energy assisted by Kiiroo’s haptic technology.

Don’t put too much pressure on who orgasms first. What matters is that you feed your sexual energy into each other to create a positive experience.

Finally, Aftercare

After sex, the Kamasutra advises that you reunite to embrace each other in what is essentially aftercare. I’m a big fan of aftercare in any sexual situation and that certainly doesn’t change over the Kiiroo platform.

Take some time after your sexual experience to be with each other. Exchange loving words and check in with how your partner feels.

Make things tactile again by narrating or performing soft, stroking motions. If you did buy your partner some massage oil encourage them to use it and to be soothed by your gift.

Once you are both at total ease you can move on to other things: logging off, staying to chat, or perhaps getting ready for round two. The choice is yours.

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