KIIROO Nominated for Six 2019 XBIZ Awards

November 30, 2018

KIIROO Nominated for Six 2019 XBIZ Awards

We are thrilled to announce that KIIROO, TITAN by KIIROO and OhMiBod Esca Powered by KIIROO have been nominated for the 2019 XBIZ Awards!

XBIZ Awards coincides with XBIZ 2019, one of the biggest trade shows of the year. XBIZ 2019 will welcome over 1,500 international players from all across the globe to promote their business opportunities. 

XBIZ Awards itself will take place on the 17th of January 2019 in downtown Los Angeles. As one of the industry's biggest nights, the attendee list will be nothing short of remarkable. 

Please log into your XBIZ accounts Click on the Pleasure Products category and vote for KIIROO: 

  1. Couples Sex Kit / Toy of the year: Esca, Ohmibod Powered by KIIROO
  2. Innovative sex toy of the year – Design: Esca, Ohmibod Powered by KIIROO 
  3. Innovative Sex Toy of the Year – Technology: Titan By KIIROO
  4. Male Pleasure Product / Line of the Year: Titan by KIIROO
  5. International Pleasure Products Company of the Year: KIIROO
  6. Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year: KIIROO

Every vote counts! 

Thank you for all of your support!




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