Kiiroo launches FeelMe AI - the future of interactive porn

Kiiroo launches FeelMe AI - the future of interactive porn

The possibilities of interactive porn are endless. But amid the excitement of this sex tech, and some mind-blowing interactive porn sites, many penis owners have been searching for ways to get the full experience without premium subscription costs or limited content.

The launch of FeelMe AI delivers the solution to this - making interactive porn more accessible and varied than ever, thanks to capabilities that make almost any adult content on the internet interactive.

For the first time ever, FeelMe AI introduces a way to immerse into all the porn in the world in real time, at a fraction of the cost.

Here, we take a closer look at the revolutionary new technology and how it will change the way you experience porn.

Introducing FeelMe AI: the future of interactive porn

Developed by Kiiroo and FeelRobotics, FeelMe AI uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning video recognition software to create an AI porn experience like no other.

The first software extension to make almost any adult content interactive, FeelMe AI upgrades your porn-viewing experience, working with everything from 2D videos to webcam streams.

Sync it to our award-winning Keon automatic masturbator to immerse into interactive porn stories and feel your favorite adult stars' movements on-screen in real time.

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Benefits of FeelMe AI

  • Can turn every erotic video on the internet into interactive porn
  • Partnerships with interactive VR porn sites or AI porn apps have been the way to synchronize adult content to interactive sex tech in the past. But this never results in free interactive porn.

    Instead, penis owners must pay for premium subscriptions with limited content. FeelMe AI works independently of content platforms, so pleasure-seekers can go to adult sites of their choice to feel what they see in real time.

  • The FeelMe AI plug-in works on regular laptops
  • FeelMe AI is available in the form of a simple Google Chrome Extension to empower every person to enjoy next-generation interactive porn, free from premium subscription costs and regardless of the device they use.

    From there, the FeelMe Extension, at this moment, easily connects a Kiiroo Onyx+ or Keon by Kiiroo. Once connected, you’ll be able to watch almost any erotic content from a website of your choice as your device reacts in sync to what you see on screen.

  • Set to supercharge the webcam sphere
  • As well as AI porn videos, FeelMe AI works with interactive webcams for a next-level streaming experience. When a webcam performer subscribes to FeelMe AI and installs the FeelMe Extension, they can use the extension to generate more tips. And when a webcam model connects their vibrator, a viewer can control the model's pleasure product with their interactive stroker.

    How does FeelMe AI create interactive porn?

    Imagine you’ve connected your Keon masturbator to FeelMe AI. Now, you can explore all the adult content on the web without being restricted to subscription sites, turning almost any videos or webcam streams into interactive porn.

    Once you choose the content you desire, FeelMe AI intelligently interprets the movement on screen and translates this to your Kiiroo sex device. Whether an erotic performer is grinding slowly or the MILF next door is giving you a fast and breathless ride, you’ll feel every move stroke your penis accordingly.

    Completely immersive interactive porn stories are yours to escape into, as if you’re really there.

    Getting the most out of interactive porn with FeelMe AI

    We’ve made it easy to find and watch the porn you like, in all its glory. If you’re already a Keon owner, upgrade the hands-free masturbation experience even more with Keon accessories.

    From table clamps to multifunctional pillows to super-handy Keon phone holders, all our Keon products are designed for you to lay back and experience the ride of your life. And for the full interactive VR porn experience, blow the lid off reality completely by connecting a virtual reality headset.

    Create your free FeelMe account and experience unlimited free interactive porn for three days. If you love it, sign up and join the AI porn revolution.