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Hosting The Evolving SexTech Discussion for #SexTalkTuesday

Hosting The Evolving SexTech Discussion for #SexTalkTuesday

We are pleased to announce that Kiiroo will be hosting a very special edition of the #SexTalkTuesday live twitter chat on Tuesday, January 26th from 3 PM to 4 PM EST! For those who have not yet heard about Sex Talk Tuesday, it is quickly becoming one of the most innovative and informative methods of gaining a deeper appreciation for human sexuality and the many ways your own sex life can easily be improved with the advice of experienced sex therapists, adult entertainment professionals, and device creators.

The Twitter conversation always includes a lively and frank discussion of key topics that are designed to provide every participant with detailed information and ideas that you can act on to gain positive results by putting these useful points of view into action for you.

“Situated in Amsterdam, Kiiroo was founded in 2013 as an innovative tech company, with unique technology that enhances the ability of everyone to get intimate online” said Kim Pot, Communication Manager of “Sex Talk Tuesday shares that same mission, and along with the team from, we are excited to help inform, educate and learn from the amazing people who log in and are ready to share their own perspectives about the changing face of human sexuality in the modern digital era. Take your sex life to the next level, and help others do the same by being active in what is sure to be the best live event on Twitter all year long!”

Kiiroo plans to open up by covering important topics like: the most exciting sex-tech development in 2015, the best ways to incorporate sex-tech in your sex life, the ways modern virtual reality tech is changing sexual expectations and behavior, along with a slew of other subjects suggested by the live audience online. The beauty of Sex Talk Tuesday, presented by, the world’s premier porn site for women, is that is offers an organic opportunity to engage with experts and that means you can help steer the twitter chat in any direction it needs to go for you to gain the maximum benefit from being there during the live event online. Just log into your twitter account and watch the hashtag #sextalktuesday to take part in everything.