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If you follow us on Twitter, you might have seen our recent announcement: We launch today! Given the sheer volume of pre-orders we received, we know that you just cannot wait to get your KIIROO on. That’s why today, we’re going to be talking about some of the great ways that you can use your KIIROO devices.

When you first log into the KIIROO platform, you might find yourself wondering, “What now?” That’s a common concern. How do you go from video chat to KIIROO cyber intimacy? Start slowly.

Talk, loosen up, joke around. You don’t have to jump right in. You and your partner might feel more comfortable just chatting for a while before things get sexy. One of you could put on some sexy music.

Then, if you’re using a KIIROO Pearl, try playing around with some of your unexpected erogenous zones, working the G-spot curve into your neck muscles, or running it across your chest.

If you’re visually stimulated, you could always try watching or just listening to some adult entertainment in another window. (Or watch before signing on with your partner, so you’re feeling a little hyped up, to begin with.)

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Don’t forget, this is a visual, audio, and tactile experience. Tell your partner what you want. Tell them what you’d like to do with them. Pay attention to the look on their face, and their breathing. Ask, “Do you like that? What would you like to see me do?”

We suggest you have a few things nearby to make the KIIROO experience smooth and easy. First, make sure you have enough light. Wear something that you feel comfortable in, but also sexy.

If you’re a little nervous, don’t go over the top with what you wear – you’ll only end up focused on adjusting it. Keep some lubricant handy (we like Sliquid or similar for Pearl).

Last but certainly not least, have fun! That’s what this product was created for. Intimacy should be fun and enjoyable. Don’t pressure yourself, and just experiment.