Kiiroo Launches Multi Control Discord Server Bot

The Kiiroo Discord server just got an amazing new feature that’s been in development for almost a year. The new toy control bot will make virtual sex parties, and live shows with two-way toy control possible! You can control the performer's toy and they can control yours too!

If you’re not yet on our Discord server, you can join here! It already has over 1900 members, and it’s the best, most active place for all Kiiroo users. You can ask questions about toys or features, read tips, get exclusive discounts, chat with others, or engage in some steamy NSFW action too!

Find someone you can have private toy sessions with, share your nudes, and engage in all kinds of fun ways with like-minded people!

The new Discord toy control bot has several modes. When a performer starts a show on the server, a new thread will appear where either all participants can control the performer’s toy, or the performer can control every participants’ toy all at once. The person performing the show will decide which mode will be active and they can switch between modes at any time, or even have both modes active

To control the performer’s toy all you have to do is use the control panel that appears on the thread. You’ll have dedicated buttons to choose from with which you can easily send vibrations for various lengths and intensities. If multiple people start pressing buttons, the actions are put in a queue that’s shown on the panel, so you, and the performer can see what action is coming up next, and by whom was it sent.

Being controlled by the performer is also very easy. All you have to do is connect your FeelConnect application, go to the control panel and join the session with a simple command. Once you’re connected just lean back and enjoy the vibrations or strokes!

In this mode, if the performer chooses, they can also connect their toys and experience the same vibrations and strokes as all the connected viewers. This opens up a lot of fun possibilities. Who can cum first, who can hold it back the longest, how many of you can cum at the same time, who can cum at the same time as the performer, and more!

Since all the controls are put in a queue you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd. The performer will see which exact vibrations they’re getting were sent by you! One running discord, displaying the QR code, and the other with which you scan the QR code in the FeelConnect application.

Give our new bot a go and get your group sex fantasies closer to reality with intense orgasms during shows and sex party events! All events will be announced on the #announcements channel on the Discord server and some on our social media channels too.

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Alec Hardy

Alec Hardy is a tech enthusiast writing posts and creating videos about sex toys and the future of sex tech. He's also an adult content creator focusing on NSFW sex toy reviews. He finished his masters in Network Protocol Security and loves to dive deep into what makes certain toys tick and come up with ideas on how to use them in fun ways.