How to Increase Sexual Stamina

This is a guide on how to last longer in bed for people with penises.

What is sexual stamina training?

When it comes to sex, the average duration of intercourse varies based on region and also gender. If you’re not happy with how long you can last in bed or just want to improve even further.

The good news is that there are multiple ways to improve on it and have much more control over your body and what you are capable of.

The fundamentals of stamina training for sex

Muscles involved

The most directly involved muscles when it comes to an erection, and orgasm control are the muscles around the genital area, especially the pelvic floor muscles. Having well functioning, flexible and strong pelvic floor muscles can help tremendously.

Almost as important are the abdominal muscles, quads, glutes and hamstrings. You can probably guess that this means that regularly exercising and keeping these muscles strong and healthy is very important in how to last longer in bed naturally.

Stamina training for sex can be broken down into two important parts

Keeping an erection

Sex is so much more than just penis in vagina intercourse. But for the purposes of this guide, that’s the part we’re focusing on, and for that, an erection is very much necessary.

Getting hard and staying hard are two different things. Besides the mental things, your ability to stay hard depends on the position, the effort you have to put into moving your body and if you feel comfortable or not while doing so.

This also circles back to having a well maintained body. Besides having muscles that can endure repetitive movements for longer periods, being flexible and having a great range of motion is just as important. If you can stay in the missionary position for 2 hours, but get a cramp as soon as you change to anything else, that's not ideal.

Since your penis gets hard by filling up with blood, having a healthy cardiovascular system can help greatly in having a solid and strong erection.

It’s hard for your body to maintain an erection while you’re gasping for air with a high heart rate, so make sure to eat healthy and get adequate amounts of cardio in.

Stamina training program by kiiroo

Controlling your orgasm

We’re entering into the territory where mental skills are just as important as your physical state. Masturbation is a great way to get very familiar with your mind and body. Lots of men think of unsexy or downright disgusting things during sex when they feel they are about to cum but don’t want to just yet.

This is absolutely unnecessary as you can have perfect control over your orgasms while still enjoying and staying in the moment.

There’s a very fine line between getting close and actually tipping over and having an orgasm. You however can train specifically to have more control over what happens in this state and be able to decide whether you fall over the edge or not.

It’s called edging, and it’s the practice of venturing as close to having an orgasm as possible and even staying there as long as possible without cumming. You can cum at the end of course, this is not about denying yourself an orgasm, it’s merely training to have more control over your body and mind.

Once you get the hang of it, it actually can become just as enjoyable as having multiple orgasms. It’s great to simply start masturbating with your hands and explore how much control you can get.

If you feel like you’ve mastered edging and would like a new challenge, introducing sex toys can take away some of the control and open up whole new levels for you. Just by using a stroker instead of your hand, you’ll lose the ability to ever so slightly loosen your grip strength to ‘help yourself’ out a bit if you feel like you’re getting too close.

With a stroker, all you have left to control is the speed and length of your strokes. With the Kiiroo strokers you can also adjust the cap tightness which will adjust the suction and resistance of the stroker.

Keon in manual mode

If you feel like even a stroker is not a challenge for you anymore I invite you to give up all control. Use the Keon by Kiiroo and even go completely hands-free with one of the accessories.

You can still adjust the speed and stroke length with the buttons on the KEON or through the app, but it’s a less immediate change so it’ll make it harder when you’re very close and when every millisecond of reaction time counts. Experiment with going fast and hard but also going slow and steady for longer.

Keon with interactive content

Being with a partner who is their own subjective entity, with their own control over their body means there’s going to be a much bigger uncertainty factor and you can never fully expect every detail of their next move.

They might thrust more when you’re way too close for that, or they might change the speed or pattern of their movement just slightly. You can train for that too! You can sync up the Keon to interactive content or even ‘make’ content interactive using Feelme AI.

Start a video, lean back and enjoy the unexpected! There are even porn ‘games’ called Cock Hero specifically for this. They are just like Guitar Hero. There’s a bar showing you the exact rhythm your strokes need to match and you try to last all the way until the end.

Different sleeves

Sleeves matter too! You can choose from a multitude of sleeves from the FeelStars collection and the intensity of the stimulation they can provide varies greatly!

You can start with a less intense sleeve and work your way all the way up to the most intense ones. Even with the same sleeve having the end cap tightened all the way or completely removed can fine-tune the intensity.

Adding other devices too?

If you enjoy anal stimulation you can throw an anal toy into the mix too! Having stimulation coming from multiple areas can be extremely enjoyable and of course also make it even harder to maintain control.

The best way for stamina training is exercising your mind and body using the tips above, but if you have a partner don’t leave them out of the fun! Involve them!

Spend a part of the time while being intimate focusing on edging. It is an amazing way to get even closer to each other. Take turns in who is in control and who is being edged. Since the Keon has a dildo adapter you can both be on the ‘receiving end’ of the device and enjoy giving over control to your partner.

The list above is a good starting point of ways to last longer in bed, but do make it your own! We all have different bodies and different minds. Use the above points as a framework and mix in your specific kinks and preferences and make it really your own.

Whatever you do, always keep in mind, the end goal is having lots and lots of fun, not beating all the levels.

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