How To Protect Your Relationship From the Winter Blues

How To Protect Your Relationship From the Winter Blues

When winter comes, everyone sighs as they get the rain boots and thick coats out of the closet. Now, I don’t want to get too scientific here, but this isn’t a myth—the winter blues is a real thing. While snow is beautiful, the short, sunless days can get people quickly feeling depressed, also known as “winter blues.”

And we all know when you’re feeling down, the last thing you want is to be intimate with your partner. Instead, you want to throw on your thickest knits and sweatpants and curl up on the couch. That’s not the best formula for a healthy relationship. So, before winter rolls around (and the clock is tickingit’s almost here!), here’s how you can protect your relationship from the winter blues.

Stay physically active

I’m not saying you need to hit the gym and get a six-pack. But you should spend some time exercising for your well-being. Staying active keeps your mind and body healthy, and which you need during the winter. While you don’t need to go to the gym, try going out for a walk or practicing yoga in your living room.

Whatever form of physical activity you choose to do, it’ll help increase blood flow and oxygen through your body which will help produce chemicals in the body that will elevate your mood.

Practice solo play

With the winter blues come the feelings of a lack of sexual interest. And let’s get honest; it’s not easy getting yourself out of that mindset. However, spending some time pleasuring yourself on your own can help build that connection again. Trying the Pearl2+ can help you explore your sexuality and regain that sexual interest once again.

Though, if you want to connect with your partner, you can have fun with Kiiroo’s interactive couple sets, which allows both of you to explore your sexual sides. While the winter blues will try to weigh you down, using sex toys can help revive your relationship.

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Eat your way to a good mood

When the cold winter rolls around, it’s easy to gravitate to comfort food. But our comfort food isn’t always the healthiest. While you should eat whatever you want, remember that healthy foods like dark leafy greens, nuts, and seasonal fruits can help you get the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy body and mind. That said, if you want to eat a pizza, go for it!

Practice gratitude

Whether it’s self-gratitude or gratitude towards your partner, practicing gratitude is a great way to improve your mood and relationship. The winter blues can create feelings of worthlessness and lack of interest, and low self-esteem.

Having you and your partner express positive feelings towards each other or spending time expressing positive feelings towards yourself can boost your mood and counteract the feelings that come with the winter blues.

Sexy yourself up

This doesn’t mean you need to force yourself into an outfit that other people think is sexy. This is about you. To help you out of the winter blues, slip into an outfit that makes you feel good.

During the winter, it’s so easy to stay in sweatpants all day and avoid having a shower, but that doesn’t necessarily make us feel confident and sexy. Instead, get into your favorite pair of jeans or that new shirt hanging in your closet. This can help boost your self-confidence and mood.

Take the necessary vitamins

Sometimes the food we eat doesn’t give us the vitamins and minerals we need to support ourselves throughout the day. If you need a winter pick-me-up, try taking a couple of vitamins like vitamin D3we usually lack this vitamin during the winter time because of the lack of sunlight. But get checked by your doctor beforehand to see if you’re lacking any essential vitamins in your body.

The winter comes every year, we can’t avoid it. But there are things you can do to help prevent yourself from getting the winter blues. Try these tips to help protect yourself and your relationship!


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