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How to Enjoy Your Sex Life As a Military Wife

“Dear Kiiroo, I just got married (yay!) but my husband is in the military.

Very soon, we’re going to be dealing with deployment. I know that I’ll miss him, and my sex drive will too. What should I do about how much I’ll miss our intimate time together?

Amy the Army Wife ”

Dear Amy,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, and congratulations on your marriage! The newlywed period is usually a hot and heavy time. If your husband hasn’t been deployed yet, maybe it’s time to make some memories together, that way you’ll have something to inspire you later on once he’s away.

Sending each other sexy snaps might not be a novel idea, but you’ll appreciate them more in a few months’ time. Ask him to take a few pictures for you in your favorite pair of his underwear, in a towel fresh out of the shower, or bare-chested in bed. Whatever gets your motor going! You could do the same for him, or schedule a boudoir shoot to really see him off in style.

Not much for visuals? If your man is the creative type, ask him to write down some of his fantasies or his favorite sexual moments with you. Keep them in a notebook or in little envelopes, and pull them out when you’re ready for some inspiration. You can even keep it up by exchanging letters while he’s away.

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll want something to help you along, too. A good quality pleasure product would definitely help! This is a great time to treat yourself – you want something that won’t leave you in the lurch when you’re missing him, after all. Look for something made of silicone, which is one of the safest intimate product materials out there. Rechargeable toys are always nice, provided you have a safe, private spot to charge them. If you’re unsure of what to get, there are actually loads of sex toy reviewers out there who are great at categorizing and rating toys.

I hope these ideas were helpful!

Yours truly,


Couple sex toys for her and for him

We are so grateful to those serving in the military and to their families. Because of your sacrifices, we live in some of the greatest countries in the world.

KIIROO wants to support these types of Long Distance relationships (LDRs) in any way possible, whether it be with emotional support or sexual advice to combat the modern-day communication issues. If you have any questions for the team, we would be happy to help, so fire away guys.