Giving Thanks - An Erotic Story

By Basilio Valentino

The doorbell rang, when I opened the door I found a turkey on my doorstep. Well, actually it was a young lady in a turkey costume. She smiled when she saw me, then she made a little pirouette and while doing so made me aware of the fact that she had a small sign pinned to her back that read 'stuff me'.

'Door-to-door selling is really getting out of control these days.' I sighed, about to close the door and retreat back into my apartment, when the turkey girl urged me to listen to what she had to say.

'I am your Thanksgiving present,' she said.

'I don't understand...'

'You don't have to understand anything: I'm here to celebrate with you.'

'Celebrate what?'


'That's ridiculous...'

'You don't want to celebrate with me?' she said in a voice that was so rife with disappointment that I instantly realized that I was not dealing with some sort of peddler. Though what I was dealing with was by no means clear to me.

'Okay,' I said hesitantly, 'come in.'

A huge smile appeared on her face and she jumped up and embraced me with her feathered arms.

We stumbled into my hallway backwards, then I lost my footing and she fell on top of me as I hit the ground. 'Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to...' she cried.

'Who the fuck are you and why are you bothering me?' I grunted.

'Are you hurt?' she asked.

'No, I'm fine. I'm just annoyed.'

'Oh, don't be! I'm not here to to hurt you... no, quite the opposite.' Immediately after she'd said this she gave me a quick kiss.

I pushed her up a bit so I could have a good look at my unexpected assailant. The facial features of the girl on top of me were not at all dissimilar to Jessica Alba... in fact, the more I beheld her, the more I became convinced that it was indeed Jessica Alba in a turkey costume that had floored me.

But that was such an outlandish notion that I suddenly worried I must have knocked my head on the ground with such force, that I had become mentally incapacitated.

'I'm not feeling so well...' I mumbled.

'Oh dear,' the girl said, 'let's get you to your couch.'

She helped me up, we walked to my couch together and sat down. The turkey girl walked to my kitchen and came back with a glass of water. I took a sip, looked at her again carefully, unscrupulously, and said:

'when you were in the kitchen, did you spot a bottle of whiskey?'

'I did.'

'Good... perhaps you could go back and pour us two glasses. There are whiskey glasses in the same cupboard'

'Yeah I saw them'

'Fantastic. Will you do that?'

'Yeah sure.'

We both enjoyed a few sips in silence. Then I said:

'If I'm correct you have been sent here by someone?'

'You are correct.'

'Would you mind telling me who?'

'No... I mean, yes, I can not tell you...'

'That's inconvenient. I don't know what to do with this situation.' While I spoke those words, the girl started to cry.

'Hey,' I said, 'what's the matter?'

'I'm not doing it right... I wanted to be your present... but I'm doing it all wrong. I'm such a failure.'

'Oh please, don't cry! You are wonderful. Please don't say that. Please don't cry!'


'I just don't know... you want to... ehm... you want to...'

She looked at me through her tears and said: 'I want to be stuffed.'

'Oh shit...' I sighed.

'You don't want it... I'm a failure.'

'No no! I do! You are beautiful and... and I'm just at least as confused as you are.'

The way her eyes suddenly began to shine through her tears was a bit disturbing. It reminded me of the look of that Japanese assassin girl in Kill Bill. So, yes, it was really disturbing actually. Yet also really arousing. 'You still want me?' she whispered.

'Eeeeh... yeah, I' – at this moment I had no idea what to do or say any more – 'I think I... I think I should...'

'stuff me?'


Instantly she began to rip open her turkey costume. Within seconds she exposed a pair of really cute, firm breasts. She held them in my face and made me lick her nipples. I was still very confused, but my genitals were beginning to take over my thought-process. Yes, it was all becoming so much clearer as I began to think with my dick.

I stuffed her till kingdom come. And we both came hard... several times. She left me around six am.

I didn't get much sleep because the next day I had to get up at nine, as I was meeting Jon at the New York Expo Center at ten. We were young guys in those days, about twenty years old.

We did not really know what to do with our lives, with ourselves. We had no idea... We went from this odd job to that one. And thus it was that we found ourselves at a large electronics fare at the Expo Center that day, where we were doing a Black Friday job for a big tech company.

I managed to meet up with Jon at the Center at ten – pretty hungover, but vivid, full of joie de vivre and esprit de corps.

'That's what a good night of fucking does to you,' Jon said, laughing, after I had told him of my strange adventure. The two of us were supposed to work with our mutual acquaintance Jimmy that day. It would be too much to consider him a friend.

I never really knew why it was that we were hanging out with Jimmy. He was pretty annoying, and worse: Jon had told me that he had a strong suspicion that Jimmy had tried to get more than friendly with two of Jon's ex girlfriends. So, I did really not know why Jon was still even considering Jimmy a friend at all, not while he was harboring such suspicions.

Be as it may, the three of us gathered at the stand of a large computer company – as had been asked of us. They had just released a quite spectacular looking new computer. We were told that it was our task to promote this novelty at the fare by driving it around on a specially designed cart.

The idea was that we had to motivate as many people as we possibly could to put their hand on the device that was displayed on the cart. The person who'd manage to hold his, or her hand on the computer for the longest possible time, would win it.

Meanwhile we had to ride the cart through the convention center, stirring up as much commotion as we could. In order to boost our chances of achieving this we were dressed in flamboyant, futuristic, silver suits, and one of us had to use a megaphone. Jon took the megaphone the moment he saw it.

Then we realized there were only two silver suits.

'There are three of us,' I said to the guy who had been explaining the assignment to us. 'We only need two guys,' he said disinterestedly.

'Yeah, okay, but they specifically said there was work for three guys.' 'No, that's not right. Just two guys,' the man said.


Jimmy interfered: 'it's okay man. I don't mind. You guys can do this job, it's fine.' 'Are you sure?'

'Yeah, go ahead.'

We both shrugged, got ourselves into the futuristic suits and began moving the cart around. Then Jimmy appeared and placed his hand on the screen of the computer.

'What the fuck are you doing Jimmy?' Jon cried. 'I'm taking this home.'

'That's ridiculous, Jimmy.' I said.

'I wouldn't be too sure of that, Jimmy,' Jon added.

'You can't stop me, Jon,' Jimmy said, grinning mischievously.

'Oh no?' Jon answered with a de Niro type smirk, 'I bet you a hundred dollars you won't win this goddamn computer.'

'Okay, that's easy,' Jimmy laughed, 'I'll get that computer, plus a hundred dollars. You're an idiot, Jon!'

'That's okay, Jimmy. I know you're an asshole. You just wait,' Jon cried, 'you will go home a loser. There's no doubt.'

We walked around the Expo for several hours and while doing so amassed six people who attached themselves to our cart with their hands on the computer. Jimmy was still sure he was going to win, because he had been there since the moment we started.

We were quite a sight. The whole spectacle was enlivened by Jon's wild bellowing through the megaphone. He really came into his element with that device in his hand.

He was unstoppable. He was shouting, singing, rhyming... it was crazy, I had no idea where all of that came from, but it sounded cool. It sounded convincing. I still thought he was going to lose that bet though.

Yet Jon was living up to his task with amazing prowess. I was pleased with and proud of his performance, I really was, until he shouted:

'Check this out! I brought something very special with me today, you have to hear this folks! Listen up people! This right here is Jimmy, this guy, right next to me. Jimmy is not aware that his sister – the sister he's so very fond of, he never tires telling me – that she asked me to read to all of you, and I a mean ALL OF YOU, from her very, oh yes, so very personal, diary, today! Let's go:

“Dear diary, here we are, this is it, this is the great day, the day that I finally turn eighteen! Life will commence henceforth, hahaha. I'm so excited. I told William he'd have to wait, and he did. Poor Billy! Such bad luck for him that I happened to be visiting Valerie today. It had kind of crossed my mind... It had, because I'm a bad, bad girl. I'm so fucking nasty, LOLZ.

So, the clock struck twelve times and she said: “Ooh baby girl, baby girl, you're no longer a baby girl!” We both jumped and danced and shouted and embraced. I said 'aren't you embarrassed' when I held her too long too tight.

'What do you mean?' she tried. Yeah, she tried, but it was just for sport, or just pointless, or whatever. She was all mine! I had been looking at those perky tits. That what I said to her 'I have been looking at those perky tits!'

'What do you mean, crazy baby girl?! You like boys! Why are you acting all crazy like this?' she cried. Well, yeah, I did like boys. She was right about that. I liked them very much. Many nights in bed I had been thinking about them.

They had been on my mind... all the time. And very soon they would be close to me... so close... so close... more than close. I bit my lower lip. Valerie was such a sweet, pretty girl. So pretty, hmm... I had noticed it before, that girls like her, girls from such places like Colombia, Venezuela, were always so pretty.

Their faces so angelic. I understood what the boys saw in them. Why they lusted for their bodies, tight and curvy. Of course, I have a nice body too, I do, I can see it in their eyes, but I don't look at my own ass, do I? No no no. I was curious for her gumdrop nipples.”

'That's enough,' Jimmy shouted! 'I don't want to hear this shit!'

Jon laughed impishly, 'but my dear Jimmy, it's so easy, just leave. You only have to leave if you don't want to hear this story, this most fascinating tale.'

'I'm not going to lose like this. Don't think for a second...'

Jimmy's voice was drowned out by the megaphone, as Jon resumed reading from the diary.

“'You know what I always wanted to say to someone?' I asked Valerie. 'You're a little slut! Yeah, hahaha, I always wanted to say that... and I do think you are!'

Valerie... poor Valerie, I think she was nervous and confused. She hadn't seen this coming! Me coming on to her like that... LOLZ, I'm laughing as I'm writing this down.”

'Jon,' I said, 'this is ridiculous, I don't give a damn about your bet. You are not just embarrassing Jimmy, you're embarrassing all of us with this! I can't believe nobody is stopping you!'

It was certainly very strange, many people at the conference had undoubtedly heard us, yet besides some awkward stares and giggles, his outrageous behavior had not caused anyone to intervene. And so he continued:

“I think Valerie's resistance was just play-acting. And so was her bewilderment. I enjoyed her overacting... it was actually really sexy. I was feeling wild and free. Her hushed cheeks were fiery when I touched them. So hot!

I had kissed boys before, and I had loved it, most of the time, some were somewhat clumsy, generally it had been nice... this was so different though! Valerie's face was soft! Her face was so soft! Aah, but her nipples were haaard!

They were indeed gum-drop nipples, indeed they were. Better than I had imagined them, better... wetter. That salty, sweet, sour, salty, smell... it was on my fingers after they had slithered between her legs. Why am I so nasty? Why so dirty? I don't know, I love it though.

I loved touching her everywhere. Undressing. Nonchalantly pulling at her panties... at my panties. I loved how she was still shy and how I pushed her face onto my clit. How I rubbed her mouth all over my lips.”

At that moment Jimmy ran away. I was rather surprised, because I had expected him to lash out at Jon – at least, but Jimmy just ran, the coward. The other people who surrounded us, the people who were still holding their hands on the computer looked around in bewilderment. Jon held up his right hand and spoke:

'I'm happy I won the bet. Jimmy's an asshole, you gotta believe me. I just want to add one last segment of the diary though, because that bit is really quite interesting to you, Basilio. So, listen up:

“I don't know what it is, why I feel so submissive to Jon... it's not like he's my boyfriend or anything. Why do I allow him to, why do I want...? I want him to do things... to me, to let me do things. He made me strip, strip bare naked, in front of a hotel window in the middle of New York... and I did it.

People saw me! It was exciting! Oh my god! Oh, you devil Jon. And now he has asked me to act as if I'm a hired sex worker! It's so shameless, it's too crazy! I should never talk to him again. Such imagination LOLZ crazy crazy crazy Jon.

Okay Jon, okay, for you I will do this, because of your perverted imagination I will visit this friend of yours, dressed up like a turkey, oh – my – god! I'm so excited! Giving thanks to Jon!”


Basilio Valentino