The Garden Party III: An Erotic Story

I was in a dream world – not awake, not asleep, not alive, not dead. The ultra-intense orgasm in complete, utter darkness had caused my mind to project vivid images in front of my eyes. Revolving stars and exploding planets.

I heard Trixie’s voice from a distance. Muffled.

If you want to find me you have to come to the maze. To get to the maze you have to get through the party in front of its entrance. But they will only let you through if you dance. And you will only be allowed to dance with a mask. So wear the mask that’s laying next to you. And drink the wine I left for you. It’s quite special…

I drank the wine. I found the mask, put it on and then I passed out for a few minutes.

I woke up lying in the grass, still almost completely naked, looked straight into the moon – the tent was gone. Trixie too.

I suddenly remembered I had left Jon and those two girls. They had been waiting for me!

I started looking for them, yet I couldn’t find the field where I’d left them. It appeared I was all alone in this part of the gardens and so I decided to start looking for Trixie. Perhaps I’d find Jon and the girls on the way.

I heard music and laughter from several directions. The strongest sounds came from the gathering of people at the head of the rectangular pond. Here I found a round, concave field, lit by torches, in which dozens of people were frantically dancing. Highly remarkable about these people was that all of them were adorned with all sorts of strange headgear, besides which they were completely naked.

It was a fascinating spectacle. All these naked bodies, the vast majority of them young and beautiful, and these bizarre headpieces. I saw a myriad of animal faces – a fox, a hare, a hound, a wolf, a lion, a toad, a falcon, an ibis, a snake, a crocodile and even a dolphin – and also a number of masks that were shaped like ancient planetary images – the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

I watched this spectacle for a while, then a girl danced up to me. She had the head of a cat. It was quite unnerving because her adornment was extremely lifelike; she really looked like a cat with a human body.

Hi, she said, I am Bastet. Would you care to dance?

Ehm, yes, sure, I mumbled.

Okay, she said, then you have to lay off your garments. Also, those attributes shall have to remain behind; there is no use here for scythes and hourglasses.

I did as I was told and joined the crowd. I followed Bastet while she led me into the inner circle. Just when we arrived there we were nearly swept off our feet by a wall of sound.

Metallica?! I cried.

The music created complete amok. In the seething throng of bodies, I soon lost Bastet. Suddenly I saw a body I recognized; the pearl color of her skin and also the those firm, pointy breasts: it had to be Rosa. She was wearing a white mask and when I came closer I saw it was a rose. Naturally.

Hey, ‘sup Rosa?! I shouted.

She didn’t reply, but she approached and started to dance provocatively close to me.

Please, be careful, this might make things, ehm, a little harder for me…

She still did not say a word and she did not relent. I felt my dick grow hard and its increase in size was correlated with my increase in embarrassment. The whole occasion was starting to overwhelm me. It was too much, too crazy, too intimidating even.

I spotted an empty gate in a dark hedge, not far off from I was standing. I excused myself once more and made my way there. When I had reached the gate I looked around. I needn’t have worried so much about my own appearance: there were more erections, in some instances, it was no longer possible to ascertain whether people were dancing or fucking. The music had changed too: there were now harps and flutes, punctuated by occasional throbbing base soundscapes.

Basilio, I heard a voice whisper behind me out of the blue.

I turned around.

Basilio, come here!

In front of me, there was path surrounded by high ivy hedges. I hesitantly walked towards where the voice seemed to emanate from. The path led me into the dark and quietness, away from all the bustle. Then it split. I realized I had entered the maze. The hedges were high and the moon was the only light source. Soon I was lost. But then I heard the voice again:

Basilio, come to me!

I don’t know how exactly, but I managed to get deeper into the maze. And suddenly I was in the middle. There was a small meadow. In the middle of it I saw a reclining figure.

Hey Basilio, I knew you would come!

Is that you Rosa?!

Yes, it’s me, Come here now Basilio.

When I was a little bit closer I recognized her. It was Rosa, completely naked, not even wearing her mask. I sat next to her and was about to take off my mask.

No, not yet Basilio.

Why not?

The mask has magic properties. If you take it off you break the spell. It will ruin our game. You don’t want to ruin our game now, do you, Basilio?

No, no! I’ll keep it on.

We began to caress each others’ bodies. I lay on top of her and entered her. It felt so… familiar. I reckoned we were made for each other. She came several times but she urged me to continue.

Tell me when you can’t hold on anymore, then I will sit on my knees in front of you, she whispered, then you will take off your mask.

When this moment came and she lay in front of me, face down, ass up, and I finally took off my mask – everything changed. We were in the same meadow, but the light was different. The moon occupied a different part of the sky. And the ass in front of me was perfect, but I knew it, I was familiar with it: it belonged to Trixie!

What’s happening! I stammered.

I tricked you, she laughed.

What?! How?!

Simple, silly: the mask! Its inside is a virtual reality screen. That, in combination with the special wine I gave you, has fooled your mind. I have tricked you in order to find out whether you would deceive me. You did. Now fuck me, treacherous Basilio! Bad, bad boy.

Written By

Basilio Valentino

Guest Blogger