Fun ways to use the FeelGlow Stroker this Halloween

The new FeelGlow Stroker has just dropped and the timing couldn’t be better as Halloween has arrived!

Here are some fun ways to use your brand new glowing companion this Halloween.

Arrange A Fun Photoshoot.

If you’re into cosplay, you could recreate iconic scenes from your favorite movies where someone is using a flashlight in the dark. You could be the cops from the opening scene of the Matrix, Hop from Stranger Things, etc.

Most spooky movies have at least one scene with a flashlight so your options are near endless. Have you found a spooky movie where there’s no flashlight? There’s probably a typical hanging lightbulb in the basement scene. The shape of the FeelGlow stroker is more than perfect for that too!

Arrange An Erotic Photoshoot.

If you lean towards the more fine-art / erotic side of photoshoots the FeelGlow the perfect companion for some low-light or low-key photography. You can take some amazing pictures with it. Get your room completely dark and put your penis half-way into the stroker. Set your camera up, adjust the settings to the lighting conditions and fire away! You can take some truly awesome photos this way.

Pair Your Other Feel (Stars) Stroker Sleeves With The Transparent Casing.

If you have other sleeves from the Feel (Stars) Strokers Collection, you can use them in the transparent casing of the FeelGlow, and enjoy watching how your penis makes them stretch inside the case.

feel glow stroker by kiiroo

Play Hide and Seek In The Dark!

Get your room completely dark, let your partner hide and then use only the FeelGlow stroker to find them. You can come up with some good ideas on what the rewards/punishments are in this game and make them as naughty as you wish. You can also add a twist to this game where the person with the stroker is ‘it’, and they have to hide, but also have to have the stroker in their hands which makes hiding in the dark much more difficult. The others need to find them.

Note: If you plan on having your sex toy out in the open please always make sure all your guests are comfortable with it and also factor in if it’s a toy that you’re using regularly or one that’s brand new and has never been used. Different people have different levels of what they feel comfortable with so it's always a good idea to check in first.

Show It Off At Your Party

If you’re throwing a party and your guests are all adults that are open-minded and sex toy friendly, then the FeelGlow stroker can be a really fun part of your decorations.

You can:

  • Use it as an eerie table centerpiece. Place it among pumpkins and skulls on a table for a glowing, mysterious touch.
  • Use it as a pathway Illuminator. If you have multiple, or have friends who also have FeelGlow strokers, you can even line up multiple on your walkway or steps to guide your guests safely to your home. Just make sure to mark which stroker belongs to whom to not mix them up!
  • Use it as a magical ingredient in your cauldron. Add it to your witch's cauldron as a glowing potion component or spell-enhancing element.
  • Use it as a glowing photo booth prop. Set up a Halloween photo booth and let guests use the stroker as a glowing prop for their snaps.
  • Use it as a haunted house beacon. If you have guests who have never been to your home before, you can hang it on your door to help them find it. If you have people coming over who have already been to your place, you can put it in a window or someplace specific and have them find it before they can enter the haunted house.
  • Use it for a haunted obstacle course. Set up a spooky obstacle course in the dark using items like chairs, tables, and cones. You can add sex toys too if you have other toys you’re comfortable with putting out. Participants must navigate the course using only the stroker. To increase the difficulty, add elements like spider webs (made from cotton or string) or spooky sound effects.
  • Use it as a sexy hot potato. Write some cards with sexy truth or dare tasks on them. Sit in a circle, and pass the FeelGlow stroker around while music is playing. When the music stops, whoever has the stroker has to draw a card and answer the question or do the dare written on the card.

Use It In A Game At Your Sex Party

If you’re in the swinger/poly community and have multiple sexual partners or you’re in a group where you engage in group sexual activities the FeelGlow can be a very fun tool for a game. Make your room completely blackout dark. Have your partners sit on chairs in a circle and get in the middle. Use only the light of the stroker to go around and find your partner's penis. You’ll need to use the stroker on whoever you think it is. Always make sure to use a condom that’s compatible with your stroker if you share it among multiple people, or if you’re not sure, just use it as a light source for the game without sharing it with others.

Written by

Alec Hardy

Alec Hardy is a tech enthusiast writing posts and creating videos about sex toys and the future of sex tech. He's also an adult content creator focusing on NSFW sex toy reviews. He finished his masters in Network Protocol Security and loves to dive deep into what makes certain toys tick and come up with ideas on how to use them in fun ways.