Full Force: Five Sex Toys for People in the Armed Forces

Full Force: Five Sex Toys for People in the Armed Forces

Full Force: Five Sex Toys for People in the Armed Forces

Firstly, if this article is for you then thank you. I have nothing but appreciation for the difficult situations you put yourself in every day just so we can be safer. You rock. Now on to the article.

A few years ago the online retailer Sextoys.co.uk partnered with Rewards for Forces in order to provide soldiers, veterans and servicemen and women a 20% discount on sex toys. This amazing act not only provided soldiers with some well-earned acknowledgment but also brought an important topic to light: sexual desire in the armed forces.

People in the armed forces still get horny, still want to engage in sexual acts and still find ways to achieve orgasm while on service, and rightly so. What the wonderful guys and gals in the armed forces do to keep people safe is absolutely incredible. They more than deserve a little bit of ‘me time’.

Speaking about the discount in a press release Emma Podmore, PR and Marketing Manager for Sextoys.co.uk, was rightly enthusiastic:

‘We are proud to be able to offer some comfort and benefits to those who deserve it the most, being able to give something back in return for all their hard work is the least we can do, not to mention the many relationships that need extra support when distance and hardship can often add strain. Something as simple as a sex toy can keep the flame of passion alive until they get home’.

The benefits of sex toys are well documented, but the relief and support that they can provide for those serving in the armed forces are well worth acknowledging (and even celebrating).

With this in mind, I’ve compiled what I believe to be five practical sex toys for those serving in the armed forces. Let’s jump right in!

Clitoral Vibrators

Small, effective and versatile, the clitoral vibrator is a great choice for any servicewomen who want to make sure that they have something in hand. Clitoral vibrators come in all different shapes and sizes so it should be easy to find one that is slim, inconspicuous and discreet if discovered.

When purchasing a clitoral vibrator for a tour of duty make sure you consider what is important to you. Some clitoral vibrators are USB rechargeable but batteries might be the better option. Making sure that the vibrator is whisper quiet is a must but this will affect the power, so consider the balance between silence and strength. A travel lock will also be very useful.

Cock Rings

When most people think of cock rings, they usually place them in the ‘couples’ category, but cock rings don’t have to be relegated to this role! The truth is that cock rings (and cock and ball rings, for that matter) also great for solo play too.

An especially good cock ring will make you feel firmer, enhance sensation and lead to a stronger climax. All good points. A cock ring is also easy to store and relatively affordable, making it the perfect tiny travel toy. Just make sure that you get one that’s made for long-term use rather than the disposable kind.

Masturbation Sleeves

Available in all different shapes and sizes, masturbation sleeves allow the user to add some additional texture during a conventional hand job. People who need a compact masturbation sleeve will find many available on the market and there are even some disguised as other objects of abstract works of art.

As a word of advice if you plan on using a masturbation sleeve, then you’ll also need a good, body-safe lubricant. Improvised lubricants may damage your sex toy so don’t be tempted to slack on this point!

While we’re on the topic lubricant can actually be a pretty valuable masturbation asset itself, making masturbation slicker and creating different sensations. Brave users can even get warm or cooling lubricant too, just make sure you don’t have sensitive skin as you might experience irritation.

Penis Pumps

A penis pump is pretty large, so this is definitely a toy that you’ll have to put some thought into but the results may be worth it.

Not necessarily a sex toy, this adult product is more of a long-term investment in pleasure rather than an immediate release. Imagine surprising your partner upon homecoming with a long tour’s worth of pumping. The resulting reunion will have an additional dynamic to it which may be well worth the venture.


I’ll admit, this is an ambitious suggestion, but if you can pull it off, then the Kiiroo platform will allow you to contact your partner and have sex with them in real time. As Emma Podmore points out, keeping the spark alive when away from each other is vital and Kiiroo can be a fantastic tool for achieving this. Just make sure that you get the all-clear for this one. The Onyx is noisy!

Obviously, these suggestions will depend on where you come from, where you’re serving and the individual circumstances that you’re in. But hopefully at least one of these sex toys will be a valuable acquisition.

Written By:

Emmeline Peaches