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Hypnovercoming the Distance: Erotic Hypnosis For Long Distance Loving

Hypnovercoming the Distance: Erotic Hypnosis For Long Distance Loving

Erotic Hypnosis for Long Distance Relationship

Erotic hypnosis. If you read our previous article on the topic, then you know by now that it’s far more than a parlor trick and can have some deeply sexual benefits.

Still, reading about these benefits is one thing, experiencing them is something else altogether. By now you may be wondering how to create your own hypnotic antics and move from the parlor to the boudoir with naught but the power of your voice.

Well, today is your lucky day because we’re going to cover some of the fundamentals of do-it-yourself erotic hypnosis. By the end of the article, our three simple steps should have you ready to try your own hand at hypnosis.

Hypnovercoming the Distance

Of course, these techniques can be practiced by anyone, but I personally believe that erotic hypnosis is especially useful for those in a long-distance relationship. Why? Well, just think about it:

  • Erotic hypnosis is one of the rare sexual practice which actually prioritizes voice rather than proximity in order to achieve an intimate sexual experience.
  • Erotic hypnosis itself is a phenomenon mainly practiced online: with YouTube and audio files providing the vast majority of the material for those who enjoy its benefits.

This internet-centric approach to erotic hypnosis means that it’s the perfect sexual practice for those wanting to explore being intimate in non-conventional ways. Just remember: An open mind is key to a successful erotic hypnosis session.

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How To: Three Steps to Success

So how does one go about erotic hypnosis? Well, believe it or not, much in the same way as the cliché approach seen on television.

Of course, there’s more to it than just a couch and a soothing voice, and the experience it is much more intense when you do it with someone you care about, but if you’ve ever been to a yoga session or a meditation workshop then you’ve got a good basis for what lies ahead.

1. Make Sure You’re Both Willing and Informed

When it comes to erotic hypnosis it may be tempting to dive right in, but I’d advise against it. As with any new and intense sexual situation, erotic hypnosis should be done in a safe, sane, enthusiastic, and conventional manner with both parties fully aware of what lies ahead.

Decide in advance who will be guiding the hypnosis and who will be hypnotized, then do your research. Look at some common hypnosis methods and discuss which ones you think will work best for you. Have a plan in mind for breaking the trance or, for the subject, indicating that you’d like to stop (a safety word for example).

The more you discuss things in advance, the more confident you’ll both be during the session allowing you to both relax into your roles.

2. Make a Personalized Script

This is typically the role of the hypnotist, but you can also work through this together.

Make a script in advance that goes through the key stages of hypnosis and sticks to it as you guide your partner through the experience.

As a rule of thumb, this script should include:

  • A relaxation method: A few minutes where you encourage your partner to allow their body to relax and to focus on the breath, slowly letting go of their inhibitions and the stress of the day.
  • A visualization: A section where you set the scene or scenario encouraging them to lengthen the breath and go deeper into the trance. It’s at this point where you can begin to introduce the themes of your session and fully prime them for what lies ahead.
  • The main event: A guided session where you engage in oratory and a sensual sexual experience together. This can be event-based (“you’re lying on the bed as I pour warm oil over your body and let it trickle down your thighs”), experience-based (“as you relax you can feel your fingers become more sensitive, causing every touch to be amplified”), or command-based (“as your breath deepens you take your hand and place it on your genitals, pressing firmly”).
  • A slow down period: Time for your partner to calm down after the intensity of the experience and to refocus on the breath and the calmness of the experience.
  • Termination: The end of the session, brought about by slowly reintroducing some movement in the body and awareness of their surroundings.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

While the fundamentals of erotic hypnosis are built into the script no-one is a Hypno-pro at first and practice is what makes perfect.

For the hypnotist, make sure you practice your calming/sensual voice prior to a full session. Listen to other hypnotists for some inspiration, try to craft your own version, and then test it on your partner in advance. Having the right tone for the session is very important.

For the one being hypnotized, it may be worth practicing some basic relaxation methods before you engage in erotic hypnosis. This doesn’t need to be hypnosis-based, and doing some guided meditation, yoga, and especially pranayama (breath control) will help in advance.

Both try a few introductory sessions before your first erotic experience where the guiding partner goes through a basic relaxation session and don’t engage in the sexual stuff until you’re both happy.

After your first session to discuss what did and didn’t work and then adjust from there. As with any sexual experience, erotic hypnosis has a learning curve, but it’s much better when you climb it together rather than trying to tough it alone.

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And That’s It

Once you’ve gone through these three steps you should be ready to try your own hand at transcending physical barriers in order to craft your own unique sexual experience.

This guide is by no means extensive but hopefully, it will give you the tools you need to explore the wonderful world of erotic hypnosis together as a couple, distance be damned!

Written By:

Emmeline Peaches