How to enjoy your holiday with your long distance relationship partner

How to enjoy your holiday with your long distance relationship partner

Holidays are a time for family and loved ones but unfortunately, some of us are separated during this period.
This time of the year can be especially hard when you are in a long-distance relationship. This doesn’t mean that you cannot maintain the intimacy in your long-distance relationship during this holiday season. Here are three fun ways to keep the romance alive this seasons.

1. Online dinner date.

Get dressed up and transform your kitchen into a fancy restaurant. Both of you should dim the lights, have candles on the table and eat your favorite meal. Talk to one another about your passions, your desires and what kind of naughty activities you cannot wait to indulge in when you are together. See if you can make it past dessert before things get too hot and heavy. Interactive toys are allowed after dessert.

2. Naughty handwritten letter.

There is nothing better than receiving handwritten mail, especially when it is a bit dirty. Spend time in bed fantasizing about your partner. Then turn these fantasies into a handwritten naughty letter telling your partner exactly what you would like to do. Don’t spare a single detail and dare to try something new. To make the letter even naughtier, include a printed photograph and spray some of your perfume or aftershave on the letter. It might seem a little old fashioned but it is guaranteed to inspire your partner. End your letter with a request for a letter in return. You will never be so happy to see the mailman walking to your door.

3. Send a sexy present.

Buy a sexy present for your partner and send it to them as a surprise. Is there anything your partner has really wanted? A fancy new sex toy or lingerie? Pay attention to how you wrap your present so it really makes your partner feels special. Of course, you need to show how your present looks on you, or what it does to you.

There are enough ways to feel close to your long distance partner during the holidays. It is important to keep giving your partner as much attention as if you were together during Christmas and New Year. So dress up, talk and be naughty! Time till you see your partner again will fly!