DuskTV Erotic Story Winner Announced

January 25, 2017

December was an erotic and exciting time for many ladies and their orgasms!

Dusk TV, the first and only monthly subscription TV channel aimed at a female audience, had a great December. They held a panel review of the Kiiroo Pearl and an erotic story writing contest for its viewers.

Dusk TV

As the demand for female-oriented adult films increased, so has the porna (female erotica) to go along with it. Erotica for women has been increasing gradually over the years, and has become more and more accepted in our societies today. A panel of women assess Dusk TVs content online, and approve what they believe is best for their female audience.

At the beginning of December, 3 of the panel members from reviewed the Kiiroo Pearl. If you are wondering what their experiences were like… or what it is like to use a teledildonic touch sensitive vibrator such as the Kiiroo Pearl click the link to read the full reviews.


Erotic Story Writing Competition 

Dusk TVs first erotic story writing contest followed, prompting viewers to send in their wildest erotic stories. “We want it sensual, exciting and extremely hot – just like the porna we select for you!” A short story between 500 – 1000 words was required that featured an erotic encounter. It could be based on any genre from sweet and lovey-dovey to down and dirty, from any era and any sexuality. Anything that is not considered illegal was welcomed.

The prize for the winner: a Kiiroo Pearl and one month FREE access to Feel Porna– the female oriented porn site that is entirely synced to the Pearl.

The Winner

The winner was announced, Michelle Malou from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The title of the story: Its Not Cheating If You Don’t Have A Choice. Click the link below to read the full article.


If would like to read the other entries, visit the Dusk TV Magazine https://www.dusk-tv.com/en/magazine
From all of us here at Kiiroo, we would like to say thank you to Dusk TV for such a wonderful Christmas gift of sensual erotic stories. We would also like to extend a big congratulations to Michelle Malou for entering the competition! You have blown us all away with your steamy story!
We hope you enjoy your Kiiroo Pearl and your one month of free porna from FeelPorna.com!!

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