Daily Mom Reviews Kiiroo

Kiiroo Couple Set has been reviewed by Daily Mom

The article entitled Sex and the Long-Distance Relationship outlines the ways in which couples that are in long-distance relationships can ease the distance.

The possibilities for couples in a long-distance relationship have grown. Technology has played a major role in helping couples connect from a distance. Talking, texting and video chat help couples maintain communication but lack the means for couples to connect physically.

Ideas to help couples connect emotionally are given, such as sexting, phone sex, and video chat. Send a little hint of your intentions during the day, or let your partner know how much you miss them. But, all thanks to some pretty cool technological advancements; we see how you can have a very connected, sexual experience no matter how far you and your partner are.

Daily Mom has reviewed the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl, and written about their experience. Physically pleasuring one another from a distance and how the technology can help.

If you would like to see how Daily Mom experienced the Kiiroo devices, and the benefits that come from using Kiiroo devices, click here to read the full article.

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