I Feel You: Cam Life and My Real Life Love story

From the Virtual Room to a Long-Distance Relationship

Who We Are

My name is Brayden, and I am a successful business and real estate mogul from Toronto, Canada. I am married to my work, so I never really have any available time to settle for a date or get involved in any relationships, so you could say, I am fairly lonely.

I have been broken-hearted so many times that I honestly don't want it to happen again. I spend most of my days and nights on the computer, or digital devices, working and closing deals. Outside of work, I am totally a mama's boy and I cherish my extended family and friends. One thing I absolutely love is that my best friends’ children refer to me as “Uncle Brayden.”

My love, Sofia is 22, and she is a successful independent webcam model from San Andrés Islands, living in paradise. She spends her days on the beach, in the gym or with her family. She is single, free-spirited, and looks towards the positive-side of life to make the best of every situation even when negative things happen. She is like an angel sent from above. Everyone she encounters, she has this magic ability to capture and embrace even the most unlikely individuals. Alongside her usual routine, she takes online college courses through an American University majoring in psychology and business administration.

We are both very busy professionals who are dedicated to our passions in life, family, and friends. We both have never really had time for relationships. However, when the chemistry is right, how can you stop it? When you find true love, no matter the distance, why stop it? Trust your hearts, right?

How We Met

A few years ago, I started experimenting with webcam sites and found that it was lacking something… it was lacking chemistry. At first it was just a means of interacting with beautiful women from around the world and getting to know them, no-strings attached. I would offer my gratuity without asking anything in return. I never really engaged with models for intimacy, I mainly sought out means of mutual respect and intellectual stimulation.

One day I was scrolling through my social media, I stumbled across Sofia's alter-ego "Camilla Rodríguez" and her social media page linked back to her independent webcam modeling site. She had just launched her independent webcam site that very week after migrating from another agency and webcam site. Building up her fan base proved to be a bit challenging being her first time moving away from popular known sites and having to test out various logistics and marketing tactics.

I loved being one of the very first customers in her room. Sophia fell in love with my handle "BeLoved". We got along quickly and starting making time to meet every night at the same time, same place. We would chat for hours on end and I would assist her by using my business development and networking skills to expand her brand and strengthen her internet identity.

We were mutual friends instantaneously. I would take her to private sessions at her beckoning because she always loved the sound of my voice and to see my face gave her a sense of calm and relaxation.

It’s not easy to be a webcam model; all the situations they have to deal with, and the people they encounter. My presence in her virtual room was to ease her stress and build her confidence.

It felt like we were in ‘Heaven’ when we would visit each other in private chats, like we were literally sitting next to each other. Sofia would tell all her friends about me and how great of a guy I am; my charm, respectfulness, and sweetness.

Because I was so lonely all the time, I would tell her about all the troubles I have had on other webcam sites, and thankfully, in return she would introduce me to a newer side of #camlife (as the models say).

Our friendship blossomed, and Sofia started introducing me to her friends who were still on various other sites and ask that they made sure I was welcomed, respected, and cherished in there rooms when I would visit.

With this newfound experience, and all the warmth Sofia gave me as a friend, I felt the need to offer my gratitude to her and I started to randomly tip her to animate her chat room and encourage others to follow suit. I loved tipping her at random moments to tease her just so I could activate her toy and provide her with passionate and playful stimulation.

It was so enticing to hear her gentle giggle and sensual appreciations. Sophia knew that I was enjoying the experience so she would add a little extra to the show just for me. Little teases and playful winks, a little special kiss that only we shared with each other, knowing well that it teased the other customers making them think it was for them. But all along it was our little secret, and we had a lot of secrets with each other.

A few months later, I learned about the Esca2 through her friends who were camming on other sites. I always offered to “gift” her the Esca2, but Sofia repeatedly refused because she valued our friendship and companionship so much that she did not want to take advantage of my kindness.

Our feelings were becoming stronger day-by-day, and Sofia told me just how fond she was becoming of me. The feelings were mutual. But she didn't know how I felt about her, could it be the long-distance holding the feelings between us back? Was it another model, or another companion back home?

Long-distance to the test

This summer, Sophia took a European vacation with some of her friends, and whilst in Amsterdam, they went into a local sex shop for fun. She saw the Esca2 on the shelf and recalled that I had kept insisting on buying her one. She decided that she wanted to get it and surprise me later that evening. Sofia texted me and asked if I was available at some point that same day. Little did i know, she wanted to surprise me.

Because of the now rather large time difference we had to arrange a time to meet, and once we managed, we got into our usual long talks. Sophia stood up and showed me the Esca2.. I was filled with delight!

We spent hours chatting, and we had the most intense sexual experience together. We knew from that moment, we were falling madly in love with each other. The Esca2 had become Sophia’s new favorite toy, especially when the moments and tips were from me. Her toy lights up, and her smile instantly glows.

The chemistry between us has been intensified by her using the toy during our private shows. We have more passion between us than ever before, and since the summer, we mutually decided we couldn’t let this love and passion mean nothing. We have since began dating, a long-distance relationship fueled by intense love. Was this real? Was this actually happening?

The start of something special

It has been a few months since we started our long-distance relationship and given that we are so far apart and would have to travel 4300km in order to see each other, I adapted and purchased a Titan to try this experiment out. Sophia had already purchased the Fuse for her webcam shows, so it was only fitting that I reciprocated with the Titan to elevate their intimate experience.

Upon the Titan’s arrival, we immediately arranged for another play date, a more intimate playdate. And unlike anything I had ever felt, or experienced, Sophia was able to take control of the device and returned the favor on my generosity and kindness. She playfully teased me with slow sensual foreplay. Trying to simulate every sexual experience you can imagine with the Fuse. We have had some exciting exploits with our new toys and new found interactions.

To this day, we still talk about meeting soon, but for now, we have to make do with the distance. In the meantime, technology has helped us, a loving couple, be together when there is so much separating us.

We allow all necessary means to enhance our chemistry through our virtual experiences. But I know that one day when we meet, maybe we may no longer need technology, because we will never leave one another, ever again.

Our story has only just begun, and we are both extremely excited to see what the future holds. For now, Sophia, my love, I long to feel your intimate touch, but until that day, I cherish all of our moments spent together day in and day out.

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The-HedonistologistThe Hedonistologist is a project run by a French-born designer that always had a soft spot for drawing and butts. With a will to bring a new spirit and personal aesthetic into the world of erotic art. The project aims to represent a more liberated approach to natural sensuality and the topic of sexuality and wellness in human cultures through art.

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About I Feel You

#IFeelYou is the celebration of the free-minded. The restless innovators that believe that there’s nothing we can’t achieve when technology is used to connect people... To empower love, and take a stand on equality, and respect.

#IFeelYou is a declaration of love through stories of real connection. It’s what uncovers the truth that distance won’t ever mean separation again.

Because no matter how far we are from each other #IFeelYou is our proclamation of free love.

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