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20 Board Games for Adults - Sweet, Naughty, or Freaky

20 Board Games for Adults - Sweet, Naughty, or Freaky

Looking for a game to play on a Friday night with your partner? Something to do other than melting into the couch, watching Netflix? I think we’ve all been there. And now it’s time to spice things up a bit and switch up the routine. Adult erotic board games can be a lot of fun ending up with laughs or a fuck (or both!).

Reminder: If you’re someone who’s on the safe side, these dirty board games may not be for you. Or…maybe it’s time for you to step outside your comfort zone?

1. Exploding Kittens - NSFW Edition

Are you into explosions? Butts? Then this game is for you. Funded via Kickstarter, Exploding Kittens is kind of like Russian Roulette but very naughty. You can play this adult sex board game with a group of friends - just make sure your friends are up for some dirty fun! Oh, and it’s definitely x rated.

2. Tastee’s Tease

Tastee’s Tease is one of those adult erotic board games that have more than meets the eye. It may have a retro vibe, but don’t be fooled. This board game can be played with up to six people.

But remember to choose the players wisely as you may have to watch someone masturbate or perform oral sex. So, make sure the company you keep is up for this board game.

3. XXXopoly

If you’ve been looking at sex board games with your partner, check XXXopoly out. It’s a bestseller on Amazon for a reason. Have fun strengthening your relationship and learning what arouses them by playing this game.

4. Talk, Flirt, Dare!

We’ve all played a version of Talk, Flirt, Dare! It’s simple. Pick a card, and either answer the question or complete a dare. You can choose the closeness in your game with the three-game levels: talk, flirt, dare. Ideal for couples or groups.

5. Freedom of Speech

Are you looking for a mildly naughty board game? One where you keep all your clothes on? If so, then Freedom of Speech is a safe bet. This game is more about laugher, with a couple of naughty moments here and there.

6. Bedroom Battle

Now this adult sex board game will heat any room in your house. A two-play, gender-neutral game, Bedroom Battle is freaky. Sure, you’ll need to learn the game's rules because this game is all about strategy. This is all about winning sex favors from your partner.

7. Dirty Minds

Do you have a dirty mind? Dirty Minds is a popular dirty board game that isn’t too naughty. Sure the clues are dirty, but the answers will give you a good laugh. There are no sex acts or BDSM - great for parties and an innocent group of friends.

8. The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game

When it comes to adult sex board games, The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game is a classic. Similar to monopoly, it gives players dirty or revealing challenges. It’s great for a group of people who want to share a laugh.

9. Monogamy

When it comes to adult xxx board games, Monogamy is a steamy one. Put your fan on because things will get hot, hot, hot! This game allows you to explore new things with your partner. With four categories: Intimate, Passionate, Steamy, and Fantasy, it'll spark your sex life.

10. Secret VII

It may look like a simple dice game, but it's a dirty one. Secret VII is great for beginners if you're new to dirty board games. It's ideal for couples who want to spice up their sex life or want to dive into their fantasies.

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11. I’ve Never…

I’ve Never is a great classic for adults who want a spicy board game. You can play this game with friends or just with your partner. Sure, you may shock each other with your answers, but if you and the other players are open-minded, it’ll be a lot of fun.

12. Nookii

Nookii is a board game minus the board. With three levels of intimacy: Mmm, Ooh, and Aah, Nookii will spice up your sex life with your partner.

13. Couplicious Sex Game

Thankfully, you don't need to be a rocket scientist for this game. The Couplicious Sex Game game is designed for swingers or groups that don't mind getting steamy together. This game may be a little too advanced if you're a beginner - it's not for the shy.

14. Midnight Outburst

This isn’t one of those extreme adult xxx board games, but Midnight Outburst is a good option for those that want to get a little naughty without getting naked. Players get a card, read the topic, and the other players yell the answers out loud. You’ll get some good laughs.

15. Love Battleship

Similar to Battleship, Love Battleship is full of foreplay and intimate activities for you and your partner. We love the twist on this traditional game.

16. KamaSutra

Open up the communication with your partner and explore your sex life together with KamaSutra. Players roll the dice and have to complete the activity to move forward.

17. Embrace

Played on three different levels: Romantic, Sexual Intimacy, and Hot Sex, couples can explore their sexuality through erotic challenges with one another. Embrace is one hot adult sex board game.

18. Massage Seduction Game

Arouse your partner with the Massage Seduction Game. The deck of 24 cards shows you the different techniques to use with the lotion and candle.

19. Romantic Rendezvous

Romantic Rendezvous is designed to help couples become more intimate through adventure. It’s a classic board game, but focuses on building trust and closeness.

20. Disturbed Friends

Are you a fan of Cards Against Humanity? If so, then Disturbed Friends is for you. This game is all about “what if” situations. It’s a little naughty, but you’ll mainly have a good laugh with your friends. Just make sure you have a good group of friends who aren’t prudes!

And there you have it. And if you want to spice up your game night further you can always try using our interactive sex toys.

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