If your partner wants to sleep in, at least one study shows you should let her/him.

A study featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that extra sleep can lead to more frequent and/or more satisfying sex. The researchers recruited 171 female college students to complete questionnaires about depression, anxiety, and sexual distress. Every morning for two weeks, each woman would complete a questionnaire that aimed to cover the previous 24 hours, with a focus on sexual function and sleep quality.

The study suggested that among women in a romantic relationship*, each extra hour of sleep corresponded to a higher level of sexual desire, and a 14% increase in the chance that the woman would have sex later on that day. More than just quantity, though, women who slept for longer on average reported a higher level of self-lubrication during sex.

Of course, sleep is not going to solve all problems. An extra hour of sleep won’t magically cure depression or anxiety. If you’re having some sexual dysfunction, it’s a worthwhile place to start, but don’t be afraid to visit your doctor. It’s not uncommon, and there are options.

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* Of the women surveyed, 95.57% reported that they were heterosexual or mostly heterosexual, 1.75% reported that they were bisexual, and 4.68% reported that they were homosexual or mostly homosexual.

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