Springtime Activities for Long Distance Relationships

Springtime Activities for Long Distance Relationships

Sweet and Sexy Activities for people in Long Distance Relationships

There’s something special about spring. The vibrant flowers, a call for new beginnings, Spring is a revitalization and a call to put those winter months behind us.

With this call also comes a renewed sense of life and love, which is especially potent when it comes to dating and romance. I mean, when your official seasonal mascot is a rabbit, you know sex is on the agenda. And not just sex but dates too—exciting occasions and fun ideas for celebrating the season together.

If you’re in a long distance relationship you may be rolling your eyes at this prospect. “Psh! If only it were that simple” you might muse, and we feel you. LDRs are tricky and you’ll never see us making light of that. But we would like to offer some suggestions for how to bring a bit of springtime inspiration into your regular online rendezvous. Take these as inspiration and build up your own personalized versions and you may just find yourself feeling the springtime spirit too.

1. A Long Distance Picnic

Picnics are lovely, and you really don’t need to be together to enjoy them, at least not physically. In fact, there’s a lot of fun to be had in prepping a picnic long distance-style.

In the lead-up to your picnic try taking the time to tease each other with your plans. If you can then order the same picnic basket but then mix things up with your own unique flare. Take photos of some of the things you plan to include, or components of the meal (close-ups of a jam jar), little glimpses of a local bakery, etc. Put the effort in to make it a creative bit of fun and enjoy making something special to share with your partner.

When you do get together to share that picnic you can start with a full reveal (most picnic baskets have a lid, adding to the suspense) and then take the time to talk through your food choices. This is a great conversation starter and allows you to discuss your likes, dislikes, and local area which will make that distance feel just a little bit slimmer.

Plus, y’know, there’s just something forever endearing about sharing a meal together (even if eating food on webcam is awkward at first).

2. Casual Naked Chats

This isn’t exclusive to spring (of course) but the warmer weather of the season does make it a lot easier to simply rock the natural look without feeling like Jack Frost is trying to make the occasion an unsolicited threesome.

So strip off those layers and just enjoy the wonderful benefits of simply being naked while talking to each other. This doesn’t need to be sexual (though it can be), nor even a big deal (although, again, it certainly can be for some). It just is.

If you’re in the early stages of your long distance relationship this may be an even more significant activity to share together. That first moment of revealing one’s body is a big one for most people, but being comfortable enough to simply be together fully naked? That is often a milestone.

If you feel embarrassed, silly, or otherwise vulnerable then don’t be afraid to let your partner/s know. Baring all while nude may just bring you closer together.

3. Poetry Exchanges

Sometimes it’s just nice to hear each other’s voice and to share in your interests. And poetry is the natural bridge for romantic exchanges.

Allow me to share a little snippet from a poem by one Rhonda Johnson-Saunders:

In summer, winter and in fall,

I’ll seek your rambling heart,

but with a breath of love in spring,

we’ll never be apart.

This is just one that appeals to us, but finding poetry that embodies your relationship and then sharing it is like a verbal love letter. You learn so much about each other while simultaneously engaging in something highly intimate and personal. Not to mention getting to discover some truly stunning writing (some of which you may share, some of which you may save for a later date).

4. Nature Gifts

Spring is the time when nature reawakens and you find yourself presented with a whole new world of nature to explore, so why not explore it together?

Over the course of a few nature walks collect things that inspire you, embody the season, or that you simply just have to share. Think leaves, acorns, flowers, and feathers. Don’t go destroying anything to get these items—your local landscape should happily provide. And, if you want something specific you could even grow your own flowers or encourage your own flora and fauna in your garden.

Then compile these items in a way that reflects your own style and your joint affection. This may be a straightforward gift box but it could also be a journal, a creativity board, or even a digital photography collection compiled from images of the items that you’ve amassed. Whatever fits you.

Gift this curated collection to your partner in a joint exchange and enjoy the seasonal shift together. No doubt each item will have a story attached to it too, which you can feel free to share. Only you will know what adventures these stories entail, and that is something truly special.

5. Spring-Themed Sex Sessions

With all the above romance, your partner/s and you might soon find yourself feeling a desire to embrace spring in a different way, and the seasonal theme can definitely carry on if you wish.

Rabbit iconography is undeniably linked with spring—so why not take the opportunity to embrace your inner bunny girl/boy and put on a little show?

Alternatively, you could explore egg-shaped sex toys, invest in a rabbit vibrator, or bring some seasonal food into your foreplay.

Set yourself the challenge of coming up with a pattern for your Pearl/Onyx that you think embodies spring. For example; A playful and bouncy little display, or perhaps something that starts of slow before blossoming into a wonderfully vibrant expression of your desire. Think about how you might include the webcam feature too—performance art can be incredibly fun when applied to sex.

Then, when you’re both ready, share in your exchanges (either through a planned session or as a spontaneous treat). The added sense of achievement from having created a personalized performance specifically for your partner will help add to your connection. Teledildonics and spring really are a match made in heaven.

And That’s All For Now!

As always, our takeaway from this article is that you should never feel restricted by your long distance relationship, or that you have to miss out on the fun thematic events that other couples tend to revel in.

LDRs are undeniably hard work but sometimes this can pay off in the most inspiring ways. It allows you to really channel your creative side, and embrace romance fully as you think of new and exciting ways to bridge that distance with your love for each other.

So whether or not your inspiration is spring or something else, trust that you can make this work and that, in the process, you may just find yourself becoming a seasonal dating pro.