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A Picnic for Two - An Erotic Story

I'd been in lockdown for weeks, and when you're going through a lockdown on top of a dry spell, well, life starts to look a little bleak. Like any single person suffering through this pandemic, I joined Tinder—I had the time to swipe left or right endlessly. But it didn't take long until I came across one guy, Jared.

I read his profile: Jared, 27, I'm a dog lover. He had quaffed blonde hair with piercing blues eyes that distracted from his sweater vest. I saw a couple of shirtless photos exposing his toned treasure trail. He must have a nice dick. Mmm, I like this man. He's simple and to the point. I swiped right.

I told myself I wouldn't meet anyone in person on the first date, but something about this guy pulled me in. Imagine his hands grabbing your ass, pulling you on top of him. Oh, I knew exactly what was pulling me in.

We matched and he sent me a casual 'Hi'—that's when I said something so out of character, I surprised myself. This is my horny pussy talking, not me.

"You wanna go for a picnic?" I waited for a reply.

Seconds later, he wrote back, "Ooo, an in-person date, how riskay. Let's do this. How about we meet at Elizabeth Park in two hours?"

And that was it. We had a date set. I shaved my legs and pussy. Slipped on a lacy thong under a short spring dress. Dusted off my Marc Jacobs perfume bottle, giving a couple of spritzes to my neck. What's the point of doing all of this, it's Covid time anyways—he knows it's all about PJs and sweats.

I arrived at the park; it was empty, not a person in sight except for Jared. He had a blanket laid out on the grass, under a maple tree, and I could see from a distance a bottle of wine by his side. Look at him being romantic, when all I want is to rip off his pants and swallow his cum.

His eyes caught mine as I walked over to him. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Holy fuck, he makes me wanna cum. Is this normal? I sat down on the other side of the blanket, leaving my legs slightly open for him to peak, while, of course, respecting social distancing. Be bold, Katie, be bold. You don't wanna be his friend.

Could I have waited? Sure. But we're living in a pandemic; if you wait, you may miss your chance.

"Do you want some wine?" He offered—such a gentleman.

I smiled. "No. Actually, I want you to sit there and watch me touch myself." I slowly opened my legs a little wider, exposing my shaven lips.

I thought he would have been surprised, but he wasn't. Instead, he smiled devilishly. "It's like you read my mind," as he rubbed his cock over his jeans.

I seductively slipped my lacy thong down my legs while keeping one hand gently rubbing my clit. But I didn't need to warm myself up; I was already wet and ready to go. With one arm propping myself up, I spread my fully legs open. We didn't break eye contact as he licked his lips.

He unzipped his jeans, pushing them down his legs, exposing his hard, giant cock. I knew it was gonna be a big one. The thought of his dick inside of me made me release a small moan. I wanted it in me so badly.

"Oh, you like what you see," he replied, jerking his cock up and down. "I bet you'd love for this cock to be inside of you."

Not noticing, my fingers were rubbing my clit faster and faster. "Yes," I said in between breaths, "I want your cock so badly."

I wanted more. I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with just my fingers. But I had come prepared. I always carried a vibrator in my purse. You never know.

I quickly grabbed my bag and pulled out my vibrator. "Someone came ready," he smiled while jerking his dick a little faster. "Now take that vibrator and put it inside your little sweet, wet pussy."

I rubbed it against my clit before slipping it inside of me. The moment it entered into me, I released a loud moan. "Yes, baby, yes," he said encouragingly. "Now move it a little faster." I followed his orders and pulled the vibrator in and out of my pussy faster and faster.

I could feel my pussy tingling, "I'm gonna cum," my voice shook. I could see Jared's hard dick as he was jerking it at the same rhythm as me. All I could think was his dick pounding my pussy, making me sore. Now that's it, that's gonna make me cum.

I let out a euphoric moan as Jared's cum shot out onto the picnic blanket. Out of breath, he laid his head down. "Wow, that was really hot."

I laid on the blanket, staring up at the cloudy, blue sky. "It was amazing."

"What do you say about having another picnic one of these days?"

I smiled, "I'll have to check my schedule. But I think I'm free tomorrow." Our eyes met as we both giggled.


Natasha Ivanovic

Natasha Ivanovic is an intimacy, dating, and relationship writer best known for her writings on Kiiroo, LovePanky, Post Pravda, and more. She's the creator and author of her short stories on TheLonelySerb. She completed her first degree in Criminology and continued and finished her Masters in Investigative Psychology, but then decided to follow her true passion of writing.

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