How to Masturbate in the Bath

You’ve heard of masturbation in the shower, but you know you can also masturbate in the bathtub. Now, it’s not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the bathroom and solo-pleasure. 

But if you know how to do it right, it’ll become your new favorite place to unwind. So, we’re going to teach you about bathtub masturbation.

1. Set the mood

Atmosphere plays a big role in your self-pleasure. Masturbation doesn’t need to be a quickie; why not take the time to enjoy your sexual experiencewhat’s the rush? Put on some music, light some candles, turn the lights down, play an erotic video, and just relax. Life is too short not to enjoy masturbating.

And if you are with your partner, set the mood right for your mutual masturbation session.

2. Add some bubbles

Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? The bubblesthe foam! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman, bubbles and foam are fun in a bath. Plus, their scent can help relax and ease you into the mood. While you’re getting dirty, you can get clean at the same time with a bubble bath.

3. Relax your mind

If you want to achieve an intense orgasm, you’re going to have to relax. Orgasms are highly connected to our mental state, which is why we recommend setting the mood with candles and music. When in the bathtub, feel your wet skin, breathe in and out slowly, releasing all the tension you’ve experienced throughout the day. Connect back with yourself.

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4. Use the shower head

Of course, you can stick to masturbating with your hands, but you’re in the bathtub, why not use what’s available to you? Shower head masturbation is the next level when it comes to masturbating in the bath tub. Just always make sure the shower head is clean and sanitized. 

For women, with your shower head in hand, you can use it to stimulate the clitoris. For men, if you have a female partner, take note, because if you’re in the bath tub together, this is something you can do. There are a couple of ways to masturbate with a shower head:

  • Hold the stream directly onto the clitoris.
  • Move the shower head in a circular motion, up and down, or side-to-side. 
  • Experiment with positions by squatting or laying down in the bathtub with your legs spread. 

5. Three words: Waterproof sex toys

When it comes to bathtub masturbation, this is something you should invest in. Waterproof sex toys, like the Kiiroo Pearl2 G-Sport vibrator is the perfect example of waterproof sex toys for women. 

The Pearl2 can fulfill your intimate needs while in the bathtub, so you won’t need to worry about water damagethis is one toy that can handle the elements. You can also connect the Pearl2 to interactive content for enhanced solo fun. Who said bathtub masturbation couldn’t be taken to the next level?

6. Don’t focus solely on the penis or vagina

Masturbating in the bathtub is so much more than just stimulating your penis or vagina. Yes, your genitals play a role in masturbation, but there’s much more that goes into pleasure. 

While in the bathtub, whether you’re alone or with a partner, explore other erogenous zones. Feel your wet skin with your fingers, caress, rub, pinch, or squeeze parts of your body such as the neck, mouth, lips, ears, and nipplesseeing which areas turn you on. During this time, you can also experiment with waterproof sex toys.

7. Test out your faucet

Have you ever heard about a faucet orgasm? Well, you’re going to be glad you know about it now. Your running faucet will quickly become your best friend. Make sure your faucet is clean and ready for use. 

To achieve a faucet orgasm position yourself under the stream and let the running water from your faucet do the rest of the work. It’ll take some time to find the right position for you, but once you do, you’ll thank us. 

8. Try edging

The beauty of edging is that it’s extremely versatile. You can do it in the bathtub, out of the bathtub, with sex toys for women or men, or simply with your hand. When in the bathtub and pleasuring yourself, stop right before you’re about to orgasm.

Then, start back up again. Continue to stop and continue until you’re ready to orgasm. This is called edging. For both men and women, this will intensify the orgasm. 

Whether you’re trying out shower head masturbation, or want to achieve a faucet orgasm, enjoy this time in the bathtub. Whether it’s for solo-pleasure or with your partner. You don’t need to save the intimacy for the bedroom; the bathroom is also the perfect place to get naughty. 


Natasha Ivanovic

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