7 Must-Have Sex Toys for Your Bedroom This Holiday

7 Must-Have Sex Toys for Your Bedroom This Holiday

The holidays are here, and you know what that means? Amazing sex! Okay, usually, that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about this time of year, but it should be!

Sex toys, whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, bring playfulness and intimacy into the bedroom. And let’s be honest, pleasure and joy are what the holidays are all about.

But with so many sex toys available (and most of them not made with body-safe materials), it’s easy to get lost. So, this list will show you the 7 must-have (and body-safe) sex toys you need for the holidays.

The Keon Vacuum-lock Dildo

Sometimes, all you need is a good dildo to do the trick. And that’s why the Keon Vacuum-lock dildo is on this list. Made of body-safe Silicone, the Keon dildo can easily be attached to the Kiiroo adapter, and it can be attached to any surface. Or, you can use the dildo on its own. Either way, you’ll enjoy being penetrated by it (the where is up to you).

The Lumen

Anal play is a lot of fun, and if you want to try it this holiday season, I recommend it! But you want to use the right butt plug, and that’s why the Lumen is on the list. This isn’t just your ordinary butt plug.

Made of body-safe silicone, Lumen is an interactive butt plug that can be used for solo play or with your partner. What does this mean? Whether your partner is in the room or across the Atlantic Ocean, using the FeelConnect App, you and your partner can sync sensations. If you’re looking for some butt play, this is your toy.

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Onyx+ & Pearl2 Couple Set

During the holidays, a lot of couples struggle with being intimate. Not only is it a stressful season, but many couples are also separated—whether it’s a long-distance relationship or spending time alone with your families. But there’s a solution to this. The Onyx+ & Pearl2 Couple Set lets you play with each other no matter the distance in between.

The Pearl2 is a G-spot vibrator that’s seriously technologically advanced (but really, it’s impressive). The Onyx+ male masturbator reaches 140 strokes per minute for maximum pleasure. Using the FeelConnect app, you can sync your toys and control each other’s stimulations and speed. The perfect gift for LDR couples.

Feel Stroker Butt

Who doesn’t like a little butt action? If you’re all about the butt (or your partner is), then the Feel Stroker Butt needs to be on your holiday must-have list. The Feel Stroker Butt is made of body-safe skin-like materials that make it feel like the real thing! Designed with internal ribs, nubs, and bumps gives you the ultimate pleasure.

The best part is that the Feel Stroker Butt works independently, but can also be used with the Keon male masturbator if you’re looking for an automated experience.


Don’t be fooled by the size of Clionait may be small, but it packs a punch! The interactive clit stimulator will leave you shaking from intensity. Designed for your clitoris, Cliona massages, vibrates, and deeply pleasures the clit. The best part is that it’s small, so you can carry it in your purse without anyone noticing.

Additionally, you can connect for two-way play, allowing your partner to take control of your toy or sync with their toy. Whether you’re using it for solo play or with your partner, there are over 4,000 interactive erotic videos to enjoy.

The FeelSkyler Set

Are you looking for the ultimate pleasure set? Then the FeelSkyler set is what you need. Molded to Skyler Lo’s actual body, you’ll feel what she’s really like. Made of body-safe and skin-like material, with your eyes closed, you can’t tell it’s not the real deal. This set comes with everything you need for the ultimate automated sexual experience.


So maybe you’re celebrating the holidays with your partner but can’t find any alone time. But you haven’t seen the Esca2. If you like to be a little naughty in public, this is your toy. The Esca2 is a wearable massager your partner can control right from their phone. It’s great for long-distance couples or for discreet hands-free pleasure. This toy will be your little secret.


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